Why did they get rid of Kes on Star Trek: Voyager?

Why did they get rid of Kes on Star Trek: Voyager? At the time Berman and Taylor said they chose to remove Kes since they felt the character was not properly developed over the course of the show, though this was later revealed be a cover story to protect Lien. Executive producer Brannon Braga said this decision was a “failure of imagination on the writers’ part”.

What did Kes turn into? Current status: Left Voyager in 2374 as increased mental powers transformed her into a noncorporeal state; returned to Voyager in 2376 in corporeal form in an attempt to change time, but aborted plan and left again to return to homeworld.

Why did Kes hair change? Jennifer Lien, the actress who played Kes, was apparently sensitive to the make-up and adhesive used to apply her Ocampa ears. With the longer hairstyle, it was no longer necessary to apply the Ocampa ears each time she was filmed.

Why did Kes break up with Neelix? In the early fourth season episode “The Gift,” they share some Talaxian champagne and Neelix tells Kes that he realizes he was holding her back—and jokes that she broke up with him because she hated his cooking. But the meaty, more specific interaction described by Phillips was never seen by viewers.

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Does Kes have a child?

Kes lived through these events and eventually married Tom Paris, Torres having died during the conflict. They had a daughter together called Linnis who, like her mother, grew up very rapidly.

Do Chakotay and Janeway get together?

In the non-canon Trek novels, Chakotay promptly ends his relationship with Seven shortly after returning to the Alpha Quadrant and he takes command of Voyager after Janeway is promoted to Admiral. Chakotay and Janeway do consummate their relationship, but just before Janeway’s untimely death.

Which episode did KES leave Voyager?

The Gift (Star Trek: Voyager)
“The Gift”
Star Trek: Voyager episode
Episode no. Season 4 Episode 2
Directed by Anson Williams
Written by Joe Menosky

Who does seven of nine end up with?

After the Doctor removed the affected implants on her, she was free to become involved with the real Chakotay and the two finally began dating. In an alternate timeline, Janeway reveals that Seven of Nine and Chakotay were married.

Who did Chakotay marry?

Sibling(s): Sekaya (sister)
Marital Status: Married
Spouse(s): Kathryn Janeway
Children: Shannon Sekaya Janeway (in an alternate universe)

Is Captain Janeway a Picard?

Seven of Nine (played by Mulgrew’s Voyager co-star Jeri Ryan) mentioned Admiral Janeway in the second season of Star Trek: Picard.

Who married Chakotay?

By the time of the series finale, “Endgame”, The Doctor had managed to remove the implant, allowing Seven to pursue a relationship with Chakotay. The alternative future seen at the start of the episode showed that Seven and Chakotay were eventually married, but she died while Voyager was still travelling home.

What does a coochie Moya mean?

Informal to be of no particular interest.

What happens to Captain Janeway?

Although Seven manages to escape, Janeway is killed. Her memorial service sees a vast turnout, and a tall gleaming pillar with a light burning atop it is constructed in tribute to her. The Q female appears to Janeway’s spirit, and tells her that Q and the Q Continuum had taken an interest in her.

Who created the Borg and why?

The Borg
Created by Maurice Hurley
In-universe information
Base of operations Delta Quadrant
Leader The Borg are one single mind which is sometimes represented by the Borg Queen

Is Guinan a Time Lord?

What is it we know about Guinan. Extremely little, it seems. She comes from a very long-lived species.

Why did the Borg only send one cube?

While the Borg usually sends one cube to assimilate worlds, they sometimes meet more powerful races that require more than one cube to accomplish their goal of assimilation. Keep going to discover which race is more powerful than the Borg.

Do the Borg know about Q?

And since the Borg did not know about Q, for them, it might have appeared as an untamed tease, baiting them into the alpha quadrant. At the end of the day, whether Q’s actions helped or hindered the Federation are almost second to what his true intentions were. If he helped, it’s unlikely that he did it on purpose.

Can the Borg assimilate Q?

Could “Q” or a “Founder” be assimilated by the Borg? Q: no. Changelings (founders): not really, since borg nanoprobes and technology probably aren’t compatible with non-solid species.

Did Q bring the Borg?

They’re the perfect foe for Picard. Q was possibly testing Picard in the episode Q Who, in which in he introduces the Borg. After Picard begs Q for the lives of his crew Q talks about how most people would be unwilling to swallow their pride to ask for help and would instead let people die.

Can Q beat Borg?

While it’s far from definitive, there is good evidence to suggest that the Borg could survive a Q assault against them.

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