Why did Samhain Publishing close?

Why did Samhain Publishing close? In an email sent to authors Friday, Christina Brashear, publisher of Samhain Publishing, a mostly digital romance publisher, said the publisher will begin to shut down its publishing operations due to a steady decline in e-book sales.

When did Samhain Publishing close? Samhain Publishing has announced that it is shutting down at the end of February, 2017. They have started to remove all the books they publish from sale, from all distribution channels.

Does HarperCollins accept unsolicited manuscripts? With the exception of our Avon Impulse imprint, HarperCollins does not accept unsolicited submissions. Any unsolicited manuscripts, proposals or query letters that we receive will not be returned, and HarperCollins is not responsible for any materials submitted.

Does Grand Central Publishing accept unsolicited manuscripts? Forever and Forever Yours, imprints of Hachette Book Group, Grand Central Publishing. They’re interested in all styles of romance, particularly contemporary, diverse reads, romantic suspense, cowboys, historicals, and paranormal. They do not accept YA, fantasy, mystery, general fiction, or nonfiction.

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Does Simon and Schuster accept unsolicited manuscripts?

Simon & Schuster does not review, retain or return unsolicited materials or artwork. We suggest that prospective authors and illustrators submit their manuscripts through a professional literary agent.

Does Penguin books accept unsolicited manuscripts?

Penguin Random House LLC does not accept unsolicited submissions, proposals, manuscripts, or submission queries via e-mail at this time. If you would like to have your work or manuscript considered for publication by a major book publisher, we recommend that you work with an established literary agent.

Does Puffin accept unsolicited manuscripts?

We publish children’s books under two imprints: Puffin Books and Duckbill Books. We are currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts for both imprints. Puffin Books is looking for stories that are fresh, imaginative and diverse, and voices that resonate with readers between the ages of five and eighteen.

How do I submit my manuscript to the holiday house?

To submit your manuscript by mail, send it to Editorial Department, Holiday House, 50 Broad Street, New York, NY 10004. Send your manuscript via U.S. Mail. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CERTIFIED OR REGISTERED MAIL. There is no need to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

How do I contact Grand Central Publishing?

If you have a question about publicity or author appearances, please contact the appropriate HBG Publicity department below:
  1. Grand Central Publishing: grandcentralpublishing@hbgusa.com.
  2. Hachette Audio: audiobooks.generic@hbgusa.com.
  3. Hachette Nashville:
  4. Little, Brown and Company: publicity@littlebrown.com.

Is Bancroft Press a vanity press?

Any accusations that Bancroft Press is a vanity press are false and unfounded, and should be publicly retracted. Failing that, the persons who make such false statements will be dealt with in the courts. Author Acknowledgements | Contact Us!

Is Brown books a vanity publisher?

Brown is accustomed to being the target of skeptics. One line of criticism, for example, characterizes Brown Books as little more than a vanity press. “Brown is vanity,” says one prominent literary agent who asked not to be identified.

Is Schiffer Publishing a vanity press?

Schiffer is a legitimate company. It is definitely not a vanity press.

Who owns Beacon Press?

Unitarian Universalist Association

Is Beacon Press a good publisher?

Beacon and its authors have received National Book Awards, the American Book Award, the Christopher Award, the National Writers Union Golden Pen Award, the American Academy of Religion Award for Excellence in Book Publication, and the PEN New England L. L. Winship Award and Friend to Writers Award, and has been named

Who distributes Beacon Press?

Share this story with your world: Penguin Random House Publisher Services (PRHPS), a division of Penguin Random House, Inc., today announced a multi-year extension of its sales and distribution partnership with Beacon Press.

Where is charlesbridge publishing?

Since our founding, Charlesbridge has had offices in Watertown, Massachusetts, which is located on the ancestral and unceded lands of the Massachusett and Pawtucket people.

Does Candlewick Press accept submissions?

Candlewick Press, Inc. We do not accept editorial queries or submissions online. If you are an author or illustrator and would like us to consider your work, please read our submissions policy to learn more.

Where can I submit a children’s book manuscript?

Top 10 Children’s Book Publishers Who Are Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts
  1. 1) Holiday House. Holiday House publishes both fiction and nonfiction children’s books.
  2. 2) Charlesbridge.
  3. 3) Chicago Review Press.
  4. 4) Sleeping Bear Press.
  5. 5) Boyds Mills Press.
  6. 6) Kane Miller Press.
  7. 7) Phaidon.
  8. 8) Mighty Media Press.

Who are the editors are charlesbridge?

Yolanda LeRoy is the editorial director at Charlesbridge, an independent publisher of children’s books since 1989. Authors she has worked with include Linda Sue Park (author interview), Eve Bunting, Kathryn Lasky, Martha Alexander, Caroline Arnold, Tony Johnston, Sneed B.

How do I submit a manuscript to charlesbridge?

Send your full manuscript or sample chapters with a cover letter to adult.submissions@charlesbridge.com.

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