Why can’t I find my audio birth chart Spotify?

Why can’t I find my audio birth chart Spotify? To get the Audio Birth Chart you need to have made a new discovery of an artist in the last 6 months, which also involved streaming multiple tracks by the recently discovered artist.

How do I find my astrology chart on Spotify? As part of the Spotify Only You feature, the app will give you a unique astrological birth chart based on your listening habits. To find out who your Sun, Moon and Rising artists are, you’ll need to tap through the personalised story five times until you see a black screen and the words ‘You’re astrologically unique’.

Is audio birth chart only for premium? The Only You experience (that is, a personalized pseudo-video about your listening habits) is available for both free and paid Spotify customers but only on Spotify’s mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Why can’t I see my astrology on Spotify? For the Horoscope story, you must have made a new discovery of an artist in the last 6 months which involves streaming multiple tracks. What is this? If you’re not seeing the Horoscope Stories, we’re afraid you didn’t meet the requirements for the feature.

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What is my big 3 on Spotify?

Your Sun sign details the artist you listened to most over the last six months. Your Moon sign demonstrates an artist you listen to that best shows your emotional or vulnerable side. Your Rising sign brings it all together with an artist you’ve recently connected with.

How do you get your top 3 on Spotify?

To find out yours, all you have to do is visit statsforspotify.com and log in with your Spotify account. The website gives you an option to see your Top Artists or Top Tracks. It then unveils personal lists for your most popular artists and songs over the last four weeks, six months and of all time.

Who is the #1 artist on Spotify?

Most monthly listeners
Rank Artist Monthly listeners (millions)
1 Ed Sheeran 81.42
2 The Weeknd 78.58
3 Justin Bieber 71.67
4 Harry Styles 70.48

How do you know if you are a top listener on Spotify?

If you use the website or mobile app Stats for Spotify, you can quickly see the top artists you listen to in just a few simple steps.
  1. Visit the Stats for Spotify site and log in using your Spotify credentials.
  2. Once logged in, select Top Artists in the middle of the screen, or select the Top Artists menu item at the top.

What is the most played song on Spotify?

Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran is the most-streamed song on Spotify with over 3.2 billion streams.

How do I see my top artists on Spotify 2022?

Open Spotify on desktop or web and click on your username at the top-right corner. From the dropdown list that appears, click on “Profile” to access your Spotify profile. 2. When your profile page appears, scroll down, and you will see the top artists and top tracks of the current month.

How do I see my top songs on Spotify mobile?

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  1. Open the Spotify app.
  2. Tap on Your Library.
  3. Tap on Made for You.
  4. Scroll down to the Even More section.
  5. Tap on Your Top Songs 2018 or Your Top Songs 2017.
  6. Scroll through the playlists to see your most played songs for that year.

How do I see my most played songs on Spotify 2022?

Open the Spotify computer app or web player. Click your name from the top right and choose Profile. Scroll down, and you’ll see Top artists this month and Top tracks this month. Click the heading or click See All to expand the list.

What does top 1 of listeners mean?

Being in the top 1% of listeners of a certain artist or band essentially means you listen to them a lot more than most people. Out of everyone who listens to their music, you are in the top 1% of that, meaning you are most likely a superfan.

Is being top 0.5 good?

If you see that you are among the top 0.5 of listeners of an artist, it simply means that you are among the top listeners of that artist. However, the platform does not specify the number of times a user needs to listen to a certain artist to be among their top 0.05% listeners.

Can Spotify tell me how many times I’ve listened to a song?

Spotify Wrapped

You also get a count of how much time you spent listening to Spotify, and a playlist with your top 100 songs. You don’t need to connect anything to your Spotify account to find this.

Can small artists on Spotify see who listens?

Spotify artists cannot see who is directly listening to their music, but they can see high-level demographic data about their listeners in their “Spotify for Artists” profile.

Can you see if someone views your Spotify profile?

No, you can’t see who has viewed your Spotify profile. You can go into your followers’ list and see the people that are following you. You will know these people have looked at your profile, which is why they are following you.

Does Spotify tell you when someone looks at your profile?

Regretfully, Spotify does not have any possibilities to show you who share your music content or, maybe, is following your playlists. You can just see how many people are following you at the moment.

How can you tell if someone is listening to your Spotify playlist?

Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t make it possible for you to find out exactly who is following your playlists — you can only see how many followers your playlist has. However, you can look at exactly who is following your account, to try and gauge who may be following your playlists.

Can you stalk on Spotify?

To show or hide your listening activity: Click. in the top-right and select Settings. Under Social, switch Share my listening activity on Spotify on (green), or off (gray).

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