Who was Robert slatzer to Marilyn Monroe?

Who was Robert slatzer to Marilyn Monroe? Film director, producer, and author. Slatzer was best known as the author of two books about actress Marilyn Monroe, whom he claimed to have once married. After attending Ohio State University, he initially worked as a journalist, writing for such newspapers as the Columbus Dispatch.

Was Robert Slatzer married to Marilyn Monroe? Claimed to have been married to Marilyn Monroe for three days in October 1952. However, he never produced any evidence of a marriage or friendship, and Donald Spoto thoroughly discredited him by uncovering a canceled check Monroe wrote in Beverly Hills on the day Slatzer claimed they were married in Mexico.

Did Jeanne Carmen know Marilyn Monroe? While Carmen claimed an intimate friendship with Monroe, some fans say the two never even met. Carmen’s son fights to prove his mother’s story is genuine. The 1950s were the height of Jeanne Carmen’s career.

Did Marilyn Monroe have a relationship with her sister? In that letter, Gladys revealed that Berniece had a sister: 12-year-old Norma Jeane, who would one day be known as Marilyn Monroe. That letter changed both their lives. From that moment on, the two half-sisters began to build a relationship that would thrive until Monroe’s premature death in 1962.

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Is Jeanne Carmen still alive?

December 20, 2007
Jeanne Carmen / Date of death

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