Who was Marilyn Monroe’s acting coach?

Who was Marilyn Monroe’s acting coach? Monroe would persist with the Method approach throughout her acting career, despite the disapproval of many of her co-stars. At her insistence, Method acting coach Paula Strasberg accompanied her to film sets to help with preparation before scenes.

Who is the greatest acting teacher of all time? 

The 10 Most Influential Acting Teachers in History
  • Konstantin Stanislavsky. The head honcho, the Russian granddaddy of all acting techniques, Stanislavsky pioneered the very idea that inhabiting a character onstage can become a discipline.
  • Lee Strasberg.
  • Stella Adler.
  • Sanford Meisner.
  • Uta Hagen.

Which actors use the Stanislavski method? Among the many great actors and teachers to use his work are Stella Adler, Marlon Brando, Sanford Meisner, Lee Strasberg, Harold Clurman, and Gregory Peck. Many of these artists have continued experimentation with Stanislavsky’s ideas.

Who studied at the Actors Studio? Today the work that is done at The Actors Studio continues the Stanislavski-Vakhtangov-American approach, and most of the leading members of the Studio today have studied with more than one of these great American teachers: Lee Strasberg, Harold Clurman, Elia Kazan, Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner and Robert Lewis.

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