Who is Henrik Larsson wife?

Who is Henrik Larsson wife? 

Magdalena Larsson
Henrik Larsson / Wife (m. 1996)

How much did Barca buy Larsson for? Spartak Moscow president Leonid Fedun said: “We know that Jordan Larsson is a big target for Barcelona, but he is also a very important player for us. “Let Barcelona give us 100 million Euros to complete the transfer.”

Is Henrik Larsson married? 

Magdalena Larsson
Henrik Larsson / Spouse (m. 1996)

How many goals did Henrik Larsson score for Barcelona? Born in Helsingborg (Sweden), he arrived at Barça in 2004 from Glasgow Celtic. For the two seasons dressed in blaugrana he provided some shining performances, playing 62 games and scoring 22 goals. With FC Barcelona he won one Champions League, two Ligas and a Spanish Super Cup.

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Who did Larsson scored his 100th goal against?

On this day in 2000, Celtic beat St Mirren 2-0 at Henrik Larsson scored his 100th goal for the club | By Read Celtic | Facebook. kuufikia. Tunatarajia kulirekebisha haraka. Utaelekezwa kwenye ukurasa wa nyumbani.

How many hat tricks did Henrik Larsson have?

Henrik Larsson scored a record 12 Scottish Premier League hat-tricks, for Celtic.

Who scored the fastest Old Firm goal?

To play this video you need to enable JavaScript in your browser. December 2002: Celtic striker Chris Sutton scores the quickest Old Firm derby goal after 19 seconds, with Rangers fighting back to win with goals from Craig Moore, Ronald De Boer and Michael Mols.

Who scored the first hat trick at Ibrox?

Ferguson incidentally was a Rangers supporter all his life and he was the first player ever to score a hattrick against Rangers at Ibrox. At the end of the 1963-64 season Ferguson moved on to Dunfermline and the rest, as they say, is history.

How many players have scored a hat trick in the Premier League?

34 different players have scored a “perfect” hat-trick in the Premier League, and two players did this more than once: Robbie Fowler has done three (all for Liverpool) and Yakubu has done two (one for Blackburn Rovers and one for Everton). A perfect hat-trick is scoring a goal with the right-foot, left-foot, and head.

Who signed Larsson for Barcelona?

Henrik Larsson was idolised by Ronaldinho, revered by Sir Alex Ferguson and new Barcelona coach earned respect from Arsenal legend Thierry Henry. Ronald Koeman’s first signing as Barcelona boss many not be the most high-profile name, but it could well prove to be one of his most savvy appointments.

Is Larson still at Barcelona?

On 21 August 2020, FC Barcelona announced that Larsson and Alfred Schreuder had joined new head coach Ronald Koeman’s coaching staff until 30 June 2022. On 27 October 2021, the club confirmed Koeman had been relieved of his duties, which resulted in the departure of Larsson from FC Barcelona’s coaching staff.

How many assists did Henrik Larsson get for Celtic?

Henrik Larsson averaged 34 goals and 16 assists for each of his seven seasons at Celtic, one of which he missed the majority of with a broken leg!

Why did Henrik Larsson cut his hair?

There was no hope for anyone. Apparently Larsson said after he decided to shave his dreads that he did it because he became a father and wanted to look more professional. Other rumours include an image rights issue, and doing it for charity, but all we know for sure is that we miss them.

How many goals did Henrik Larsson score for Celtic?

Overall, Henrik would make 315 appearances for the Hoops, scoring an incredible 242 goals. Henrik Larsson left Celtic in the summer of 2004, after seven sensational years at the club. His final game at Paradise was a league clash against Dundee United, where naturally he scored both goals to give Celtic a 2-1 victory.

How many goals has ally McCoist scored against Celtic?

Indeed he managed 27 goals in total against their Old Firm rivals. This made him the second highest goal scorer for Rangers against Celtic.

What is the most goals Celtic have scored in one game?

Record victory: 11-0, against Dundee in 1895. Record victory against Glasgow Rangers: 7-1 in the Scottish League Cup Final 1957.

Which player has scored the most Old Firm goals?

Who has scored most goals ever in Old Firm games and did they play for Rangers or Celtic?
  • ALLY MCCOIST – Rangers. Games – 55.
  • ROBERT C HAMILTON – Rangers. Games – 46.
  • JIMMY MCGRORY – Celtic. Games – 35.
  • SANDY MCMAHON – Celtic.
  • JOHN MCPHERSON – Rangers.
  • ALEX VENTERS – Rangers.
  • JIMMY DUNCANSON – Rangers.
  • HENRIK LARSSON – Celtic.

Who has scored the most goals in Scottish football history?

The statistic displays the all time top goal scorers of the national football team of Scotland as of August 2021, by goals scored. As of 2021, both Kenny Dalglish and Denis Law have scored the most goals for the national football team of Scotland with 30 goals scored each.

Who scored 5 goals in one Premier League?

Dimitar Berbatov– 5 goals

Berbatov scored 48 Premier League goals during his four years at the Theatres of Dreams. His technical ability and composure in front of the net were next to nobody. Sir Alex Ferguson also rated him highly at Old Trafford and he was a fan favourite.

Who is more successful Celtic or Rangers?

Celtic and Rangers have played each other 431 times in major competitions: Rangers have won 168 matches, Celtic 162 matches, and 101 ended in a draw.

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