Who is Alastor in Bible?

Who is Alastor in Bible? Alastor, a black horse belonging to the Greek God Hades. He was one of the four horses drawing Hades’s chariot when he rose from the Underworld to bring Persephone down with him. The other three were Orphnaeus, Aethon, and Nycteus. Alastor, in Christian demonology, came to be considered a kind of possessing entity.

What is an Alastor? Definition of Alastor

: any of certain avenging deities or spirits especially in Greek antiquity.

What does Alastor the demon do? Alastor is a high-ranking archdemon, and the chief executioner to the monarch of Hell. One of his epithets is the “Evil Genius of the Household” meaning that Alastor is the demon that conducts the most heinous, depraved, and unbearably cruel tortures in the pits of Hell.

Is Alastor a Greek god? Alastor, an epithet of the Greek god Zeus, according to Hesychius of Alexandria and the Etymologicum Magnum, which described him as the avenger of evil deeds, specifically familial bloodshed. As the personification of a curse, it was also a sidekick of the Erinyes.

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Who is Alastor based on?

Alastor’s name is ancient Greek for “spirit of revenge”. Edward Bosco previously did the voice of another demonic character, Lucifer for Vivienne Medrano’s short film The Son of 666 (2013). Husk was based on a character drawn by Vivienne Medrano’s sister, Maritza Medrano.

Why is Alastor a deer?

After he killed his murder victims, he would bury their bodies on a deer hunting ground. Sometime in 1933, while burying the body of one of his victims, he was shot and killed after being mistaken for a deer by a hunter. This is why his demon form shares many characteristics with that of a deer.

Who does Alastor have a crush on?

Mimzy. Mimzy and Alastor have yet to interact on-screen. During Mimzy’s development, across Zoophobia and early drafts of Hazbin Hotel, she was “head over heels in love” with Alastor and early illustrations depicted the two in what appeared to be a romantic relationship.

Who was Apollo Greek god?

From the time of Homer onward, Apollo was the god of divine distance—the god who made mortals aware of their own guilt and purified them of it, who presided over religious law and the constitutions of cities, and who communicated with mortals his knowledge of the future and the will of his father, Zeus.

Who is the god Aether?

In Greek mythology, Aether, Æther, Aither, or Ether (/ˈiːθər/; Ancient Greek: Αἰθήρ (Brightness) pronounced [ai̯tʰɛ̌ːr]) is the personification of the bright upper sky. According to Hesiod, he was the son of Erebus (Darkness) and Nyx (Night), and the brother of Hemera (Day).

Why is Alastor so powerful?

Wide Intellect: Alastor is shown to be quite a cunning individual, resulting in him accruing a large amount of power through his tricks and deal-making.

Who is stronger Stolas or Alastor?

Alastor is powerful, but not Royalty-powerful. Stolas is literally royalty. Stolas obviously, he’s a Fallen, the only ones above him should be the 7 Princes of Hell and his only equals should be the Ars Goetia.

What is Alastor’s full name?

But when her proposal on live television goes awry, her plan attracts the attention of the powerful “Radio Demon” Alastor (Edward Bosco) who, despite finding her belief in redemption laughable, wants to help Charlie run the hotel for his own amusement.

Is Alastor an ace?

Alastor, also known as the Radio Demon, is asexual. He was confirmed elsewhere as aromantic. He is also the first guest of the Happy Hotel, which is renamed the Hazbin Hotel by the end of the pilot episode.

What is Alastors gender?

Gender Identity Sexual Identity
Male Asexual

Is Octavia asexual?

Octavia is Asexual. Verosika Mayday is Pansexual.

How old is Alastor?

Alastor is a former radio host and southern serial killer. He is from New Orleans, Louisiana. He died in his early 30s.


Gender Male
Age Early 30’s
Date Of Death 1933
Race Deer Demon
Nicknames Radio Demon, Strawberry Pimp (Angel Dust), Pompous Cheesy Talkshow Shitlord (Vaggie)

What is Alastor’s personality?

Personality. Alastor is always shown smiling and acts polite. The reason he never stops smiling’s that he believes it shows power and dominance. If a rival were to frown, he would see them as weak.

Was the radio demon a serial killer?

He was a serial killer in life and is notorious enough in Hell to have posters warning demons to stay away from him.

What powers does Alastor have?

Powers and Abilities:
  • Incredible Charisma.
  • Magic of the Voodoo variety.
  • Summoning (Capable of summoning his staff and shadow tentacles)
  • Reality Warping.
  • Shadow Manipulation (Used shadow tentacles to take down Sir Pentious)
  • Shapeshifting (Can turn into a shadow)

Does Alastor like angel dust?

They do not like nor dislike each other. As of yet the two do not have any kind of relationship, Angel suggests when talking to Vaggie he’d never heard of Alastor before, despite his reputation as a powerful demon.


Real Name Unknown
Cause of death Overdose of Drugs (Phencyclidine or PCP or “Angel Dust”)

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