Who flys the Black Lion in Voltron?

Who flys the Black Lion in Voltron? Keith Kogane (Akira Kogane 黄金旭) (voiced by Neil Ross in the ’80s and ’90s series and Giles Panton in the 2011 series): Commanding officer of the Voltron Force, who pilots the Black Lion that forms the head, torso and upper legs of Voltron.

What is the most powerful lion in Voltron? 

  • The Black Lion is the largest of the Lions and said to be the most skilled in combat, as well as the smartest, strongest, and most difficult Lion to fly, demanding the most energy from its Paladin.
  • Once Voltron is formed, the Lion allows a weapon to be summoned when combined with a Bayard.

What lion does Keith pilot? The Black Lion is one of the components of Voltron, serving as the torso and head of the giant robot, whose current Paladin is Keith. The Black Lion is the largest of the 5 Robot Lions, and can only be piloted by a person who is a natural leader, calm and collected in the face of danger.

What is the most popular ship in Voltron? Klance never got explicit confirmation onscreen, but it’s been one of the most popular ships in pop culture over the past couple of years due to the overwhelming evidence in the show that supports this ship.

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Who is Lance shipped with?

# portmanteau characters
1596 Hunk & Lance Hunk
1481 Plance Pidge
1435 Keith & Lance Keith
1426 Shklance Keith • Shiro

What ships are canon in Voltron?

# portmanteau characters
2799 Keith & Shiro Keith & Shiro
1873 Shatt Matt Holt/Shiro
1750 Allurance Allura/Lance
1678 Hunk & Lance Hunk & Lance

Why is Klance so popular?

Part of the reason that Klance has shot to popularity so quickly is that it fits in with a lot of established ship tropes. The red/blue colour combo, love/hate antagonism, fire/ice, and loud/quiet personalities are all hallmarks of many popular canon heterosexual romances in media as well as LGBT ones.

Does Keith have a crush on Lance?

In “Launch Date,” Lance finds and joins Keith on top of the Black Lion, and they talk while watching the sunset together. Lance voices some concerns about keeping track of Altean customs so he can date Allura, but Keith reassures him that she likes him, the “annoying, stupid, Earth version” of him.

Who is Pidge shipped with?

Plance is the het ship between Lance and Pidge from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.

Does Lance and Keith kiss?

Like I said, they’re cute. You’re cute.” Keith looked away, embarrassed, but Lance pulled his face to him with a finger. “So are you.” Lance said, taking a moment to work up the courage, before pushing their lips together. Keith immediately kissed back, pushing himself on top of Lance completely.

Who married Lance Voltron?

Princess Allura

Who does Keith marry in Voltron?

Keith Kogane became a fugitive by the Galaxy Alliance after Voltron was decommissioned. He eventually retires as Black Paladin to marry Allura and become her king consort.

Who did Shiro marry?

Voice Actor

Adam W. Curtis is Shiro’s husband as of the end of Season 8. He works for the Galaxy Garrison on the IGF-Atlas bridge.

What illness does Shiro have?

While acting as the leader and seemingly appearing the most composed and emotionally stable of the group, Shiro, in truth, suffers from immense post-traumatic stress disorder inflicted by his time spent as a prisoner of the Galra Empire.

What episode does pidge and Keith kiss?

Taking Flight is the sixth episode of Voltron: Legendary Defender.

Who married pidge?

Pidge getting married to Lance on her wedding day from Voltron Legendary Defender | Voltron, Anime, Voltron legendary defender.

Who kills Lotor?

Lotor met his demise at the hands of Voltron after he piloted his Sincline Mech into the Quintessence Field. Seeking ultimate power, he was consumed by it and engaged Voltron in a final battle where Voltron won when Allura had blasted him with raw quintessence.

Is Paige a girl in Voltron?

Voltron: Legendary Defender

A shorter-than-average human girl masquerading as a boy, Pidge’s appearance reflects her androgynous personal style. Pidge is the slimmest and shortest of the Paladins. She has brown eyes, fair skin, and disheveled light brown hair.

Is Pidge autistic?

Pidge Holt is a paladin of the Green Lion of Voltron. They are a highly capable hacker, engineer, and strategist. While originally using the name Pidge as an alias as in V:LD canon, they soon reveal that they are more comfortable with it than their birth name. They are autistic and identify as gender-neutral.

What are Pidges pronouns Voltron?

While Pidge is biologically female, nobody is positive what exactly Pidge identifies as. Some use she/her (like myself), some still use he/him, and some see Pidge as non-binary and prefer they/them.

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