Who drew Slaine?

Who drew Slaine? Sláine has been in 2000 AD since Prog 330 (1983), a glorious mish-mash of Celtic and Norse mythology, created by Pat Mills and artist Angela Kincaid.

How old is Simon Bisley? 

60 years (4 March 1962)
Simon Bisley / Age

Is 2000ad still published? The series was collected as a series of three graphic novels, then as a single volume, and has remained in print ever since.

Is Heavy Metal magazine still published? The flagship Heavy Metal magazine, which celebrated its 300th issue in the summer of 2020, continues as a monthly full-color anthology title with a focused vision and approach.

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Are Heavy Metal comics worth anything?

Heavy Metal Vol.

There are a lot of books between the Stephen King books and Artgerm. Many of these can be found for $5-$10.

Is Circus magazine still around?

Circus was a monthly American magazine devoted to rock music. It was published from October 1966 to May 2006.

How many issues of Heavy Metal are there?

Heavy Metal (41 issues) no publisher’s brand (399 issues)

How often is Heavy Metal magazine published?

In a tweet, Heavy Metal wrote, “For the first time since 1985, Heavy Metal will be published monthly. This starts with the epic issue 300, which arrives in comics shops today. At least 144 pages (often more), 12 times a year.”

How often does Mad magazine release?


Which is the most Heavy Metal?

Osmium is the most dense metal! Many people are familiar with lead (11.3 kg/L), but osmium is twice as dense (22.6 kg/L)!

What is Moebius art?

Jean Giraud, better known by his pen name Moebius, remains one of the most influential cartoonists of all time whose signature blend of psychedelic fantasy and surrealism formed the aesthetic blueprint of modern sci-fi.

What did Moebius color with?

Moebius’ use of this very primary turquoise (with complementary yellow-orange accents) imparts a child-like quality to the machine that dominates this picture.

Who was Moebius inspired by?

Le Monde d’Edena #6 – ‘Les Réparateurs’ (1996). Moebius was highly influenced by drugs and the philosophies of French New Age guru Jean-Paul Appel-Guéry and Swiss nutritionist Guy-Claude Burger for his next major work, ‘Le Monde d’Edena’ (‘The Aedena Cycle’).

Who influenced Jean Giraud?

He also published his first illustrations in Fiction magazine. Other artistic influences of Giraud were were Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrandt Van Rijn, Winsor McCay, Harold Foster, Jijé, Jack Kirby and Robert Crumb. After leaving the Academy in 1955 he went to live with his mother in Mexico for eight months.

How do you pronounce Jean Giraud?

Did Moebius inspire Star Wars?

One of art legend Mœbius’s smallest comic book doodles grew to a starring role in Star Wars II. The influence of European comicbook artists on the world of fantasy and sci-fi is incalculable, yet few reigned more so than Jean Giraud, also better known as Mœbius.

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