Which planet is responsible for mental illness?

Which planet is responsible for mental illness? Combination of Moon with other planets can cause mental illness. Moon with Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu can give rise to depression. Debilitated Moon, Mercury and Jupiter can cause a mental imbalance. Moon sitting in conjunction with Saturn makes a person’s mind heavy.

Which planet is responsible for confusion in mind? Malefic Ketu is responsible for immense negativity in your character. This planet causes confusion so the person will always want to appear confused to gain sympathy of others.

Does Rahu cause depression? Moon with Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu can give depression. Debilitated Moon, Mercury and Jupiter can give depression. Moon sitting with Saturn (conjunction), makes a person’s mind heavy.

What is affliction in astrology? The term affliction means negative association which invites problems in a person’s life. Although the weak planets and the afflicted planets have their ways to create problems, both are different. A weak planet does not let you realize the full potential of planets or house.

Which planet is responsible for mental illness? – Additional Questions

Can Ketu cause anxiety?

If we talk about mental disorders, a malefic ketu can lead you to OCD, ADHD and other disorders. It also causes low will power, immense emotional turmoil, ego issues, suspiciousness, illusions and unnecessary fears.

What is affliction of Venus?

But when Venus in 5th House is afflicted, Venus may cause eye, teeth related issues and Kapha and Vata dosha. Venus in 7th House. Natives born with Venus in 7th House are the luckiest concerning marriage partners.

What is Saturn affliction?

Saturn’s affliction in a horoscope projects one’s inability to face challenges in life. Escapist tendencies of such individuals further aggravate problems as Saturn wants you to work hard.

What is an afflicted Sun in astrology?

Afflicted Sun in the horoscope

If the sun is afflicted in a person’s horoscope, it will make their life hell. One may not get the due credit for the tasks they perform, or they may not be on good terms with people. The sun usually gets afflicted by the malefic effects of Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.

How do I fix my afflicted Venus?

Remedies to strengthen Planet Venus
  1. White things like sandalwood, rice, clothes, flowers, silver, ghee, curd, sugar etc.
  2. To strengthen Venus in the horoscope, keep a fast on Friday.
  3. Diamond, Topaz or Zarkan gemstones can be worn to strengthen Venus.
  4. White colour is very dear to the planet Venus.

What is afflicted Moon?

Moon is considered to be afflicted if it receives the aspect of malefic planets or is associated with malefic planets. If Moon is hemmed between malefic planets, the affliction is said to increase.

Which house Moon is weak?

But when moon is afflicted by planets like Rahu, ketu or Saturn and is placed in a dushtsthana (6th, 8th or 12th house), it causes acute depression to the jatak especially if the lagna is weak or their is no benefic aspect of Jupiter on Moon. With weak Moon, one is not able to have control over negative thinking.

How do you know if your Moon is weak?

If the Moon is debilitated, the native will possess negative traits such as emotional instability, mood swings, worry, fear, restlessness, laziness and sleepiness. The native with a weak Moon will suffer from a disturbed mind and wavering thoughts.

How do you fix a weak Moon?

Herbs can counteract the effects of a weak moon.

Pour a bath with cow’s milk, white sandalwood, and conch shell. You can also include crystal quartz if you have it. This type of bath can help leave a positive aura around you. Many astrologers recommend taking this bath on a Monday, since Monday is the day of the moon.

What happens if Rahu is weak?

If Rahu is malefic, and the Moon is also weak, then they will suffer in terms of the property along with their mothers.

Which stone is for Moon?

Moonstone (gemstone)
Color Can be numerous colors, including blue, grey, white, pink, peach, green and brown, as well as colorless
Fracture uneven to conchoidal
Mohs scale hardness 6.0
Luster Opalescent

How can I strengthen my Jupiter and Moon?

How to Improve Jupiter in Astrology
  1. 1 Put on yellow clothing.
  2. 2 Wear a yellow sapphire stone.
  3. 3 Add turmeric to your cooking.
  4. 4 Stick to a vegetarian diet.
  5. 5 Donate yellow things to charity.
  6. 6 Worship a peepal (sacred fig) tree.
  7. 7 Praise Lord Vishnu on Thursdays.
  8. 8 Chant the Guru Beej Mantra.

What makes Jupiter weak?

As much as Jupiter is known for its benevolence, Jupiter sitting in a weak location of a horoscope may cause the planet to become weak. A weak Jupiter can bring adverse results and misfortunes in the life of the native.

What happens if Venus is strong?

Strong Venus: If Venus is strong in your horoscope and conjoined with other planets, you can enjoy the good company of opposite sex. Your married life will be good and full of all kinds of comforts. You may get married early. You would be able to maintain the harmony with everyone.

What happens when Jupiter is strong?

Strong Jupiter brings good fortune and immense wealth, luxury, fame, power and position etc. It also helps a person to progress in career, profession and life. While a weak Jupiter or a malefic Jupiter in astrology can bring doom in your life.

What happens when Saturn is strong?

Strong Saturn in the 1st house : It denotes that the native will adapt to foreign customs and habits. He is a strong minded, passionate person and has well built thighs. Strong Saturn in the 2nd house : It denotes good health to the native. The native becomes the lord of huge wealth and property.

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