Which planet gives foreign spouse?

Which planet gives foreign spouse? In this chart, Rahu is placed in 7th house of marriage & also rahu is aspecting to marriage significator planet venus through it’s 5th aspect from 7th house of marriage & we know that rahu represents foreigner in astrology, So rahu influence over 7th house & venus indicates foreign spouse & finally native married to a

Will I have a foreign spouse astrology? If Venus for Male natives and Jupiter for female natives is placed in 12th house or with 12th lord in a watery sign can grant a foreign spouse to the individual. Placement of Rahu in 7th house and 7th lord in 9th house or 7th lord conjunct with 9th lord is indicative of foreign spouse in astrology.

What combination of planets indicate a rich spouse and in laws? Apart from these planets, the karakas of spouse i.e. Jupiter and Venus for females and males respectively indicate amassing wealth after marriage. If in a male chart, Venus is strong the native will get benefits through the wife.

How can I know my foreign Yog in kundali? If Jupiter is in the 9th house and Saturn is in the 12th house of Kundli, you have a yog for foreign settlement. If your ascendant planet is in the 7th house of the kundli, then you will settle in foreign. The combination of Rahu and Moon in any house can take the native away from foreign or birthplace.

Which planet gives foreign spouse? – Additional Questions

Which planet gives foreign settlement?

Rahu is alien and foreign by nature and signification. Rahu, when connected to the ninth house (long-distance travel) or the twelfth house (foreign land), can make the native go abroad. Ketu is the other planet responsible for foreign travel. Ketu can make a native leave his home and settle abroad.

Which God is responsible for foreign travel?

Shani is the benefactor of livelihood, which is why if the planets Saturn and Moon are in conjunction, it indicates foreign journeys and earnings. If Bhagyesh is in the twelfth house, and the lord of the twelfth house is in the house of luck and fortune (ninth house), that native is expected to visit overseas.

How do you predict foreign travel in astrology?

1. If Rahu is in the ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth, and first house of your horoscope, you might get a chance to go overseas. 2. If your 9th house is connected with the 11th house, your chance of travelling abroad is more.

Do I have foreign travel in my horoscope?

If the 7th house is associated with the 9th or 12th house, it indicates foreign travel in astrology. And, the reason for it will be for business purposes. It may be for an international alliance or to expand business in foreign countries. However, as I mentioned earlier, Rahu is considered for foreign travel.

Which chart is used for foreign settlement?

The presence of a strong Moon or Venus in the 12th House or Moon in the 7th House gives tendency of foreign settlement. For strong indications, more than one of the above conditions need be present in the birth chart as per career astrology. These yogas also need to show up in D-4 chart (Chaturthamsa chart).

Will I get a job abroad astrology?

The Sun and Moon placed in the 12th house, The native will be working in a foreign country. Venus placed in the Kendra house and Ninth lord is in its own house. Saturn placed in the 8th house also gives native foreign trip. Lagna Lord and Ninth Lord placed in the Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

Which house in astrology is of foreign travel?

People are keen to know which house is responsible for foreign travel. The Main houses for foreign travels in astrology are 1, 3, 7, 9 and 12.In astrology, the 12th house signifies the foreign country and thus keeps an important place in deciding whether the person will go abroad or not.

Which Nakshatra is good for travel?

Ideal Nakshatras (stars) for travel

Travelling on Hast, Ashwini, Pushya, Mragshira, Revathi, Anuradha, Punarvasu, Shravan, and Ghanishtha star constellations will yield promising outcomes from your travel as these are the ideal days of travel.

Will I go abroad palmistry?

According to palmistry, if any line from the life line on the palm crosses the fate line and goes towards the moon mountain, then the person travels abroad. If a line crossing the bracelet in a person’s hand goes towards the mount of Mars, then the chances of traveling abroad are made for the person.

Which line in palm shows foreign travel?

Travel line thicker than the Lifeline

Note: the longer the travel line the more chances of travelling abroad or going and settling in the foreign land.

How can I please Rahu for foreign settlement?

Rahu or Shani Stotra: In case if a native has a strong connection of Rahu or Saturn or both with the houses of 3rd, 9th and 12th house, then one can chant Rahu or Shani Stotra to please them. This will help to expedite the matter and they can easily travel abroad at the right time.

Which Mahadasha for foreign settlement?

Dasha or Antardasha of planets associated with 9th or 12th house. Planets sitting in 8th house. Primary houses for foreign journey are 9th and 12th house.

How make Rahu positive and strong?

I recommend you store water in the South – West corner as it can improve Rahu in your horoscope. I also suggest you donate black and blue clothes and food to underprivileged people. It will be of great benefit as it pleases Rahu. Adding a cup of milk to water while bathing for 43 consecutive days will also benefit you.

How do you know if Rahu is strong or weak?

Rahu has no sign of its own, so it impacts like the lord of any house, which it inhabits. If Rahu is sitting alone in the center or is in a triangular position with the lord of that house, then it influences the native more. As per the science of Astrology, Rahu gets stronger in the 3rd, 6th, and 11th houses.

How can I satisfy Rahu?

Since black and blue are the colours associated with Rahu, donating black blankets to the poor is one of the best ways to appease Rahu. Feeding black gram to birds, ants, and animals will also help to appease the evil Rahu.

How can I weaken Rahu?

Do the following to be away from the negative effects of Rahu:
  1. Donate wheat, jaggery and copper. Put these three articles or one of the articles in a copper vessel and drop it in flowing water on a Sunday.
  2. Avoid wearing blue clothes.
  3. Wear a silver chain around the neck.
  4. Drop coconut in flowing water.

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