Which Graha is responsible for accident?

Which Graha is responsible for accident? Yogas For Accidents

Afflicted lord of the eighth house, Mars and Rahu causes accidents.

Does Rahu cause accident? People who have Rahu-Mars conjunction in the second house of their ascendant or horoscope, can be victims of frequent accidents. It is not a big deal if such people get hurt while sitting at home or even lying down. If Saturn is sitting in the ascendant house, there is a strong possibility of injury to the person.

Which planet causes fire accidents? Planet Mars for accidents and fire .

Why do accidents happen astrology? Accidents occur during the transit of malefic planets connected to malefic houses in the horoscope or the birth position of sun, moon and ascendant.

Which Graha is responsible for accident? – Additional Questions

How can I check my accident in Vedic astrology?

Can astrology predict accidents?

Can anyone predict accidents through astrology? The answer to all the above questions is – Yes. The following factors play an important role in determining whether the native is susceptible for accidents. The sign lord of Ascendant, Moon and the Sun in a birth chart.

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