Where is the scrying workshop located Flight rising?

Where is the scrying workshop located Flight rising? Within the twisting halls of Spiral Keep, the scrying pool of the Tidelord has been opened to all dragonkind. Those who show proper reverence to the god of the fathomless depths may use this workshop to peer into every possible future outcome for the dragons of their clan.

What is FlightRising? Flight Rising is a social web-based activity site featuring dragon breeding, adventuring, combat, and collecting. It puts you in control of your own clan of dragons, allowing you to control their mating habits, specialize their abilities and traits, and adorn them thousands of different ways with a variety of apparel.

How do you get genes on Flight rising? Items to change a gene can be obtained multiple ways: purchased in the Specialty section of the Marketplace, as a drop in the Coliseum, created at Baldwin’s, or from Swipp. A gene can be applied to any dragon or hatchling a player owns provided that they are not currently on a nest.

How do you get more dragons in flight rising? They’re rare items, though, so you can’t easily acquire them. So, no, you can’t “capture them” like other games. To add, you’d get a lot more out of the eggs selling them, as the color combos and such are entirely random, and the dragons inside only have basic genes.

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