Where is Arkemyr scrying pool?

Where is Arkemyr scrying pool? One of Arkemyr’s imps informed me that Arkemyr can be found at the scrying pool in the laboratory level of his manor.

Where is Arkemyr? 

GTA: The Criminal Enterprises – The Loop
Location Arkemyr’s Manor, Periki’s Overlook
Quests Bekarna’s Folly A Cordial Invitation
Drops Equipped gear, minus robe

How do I get XOTI? Xoti is found at Port Maje at the Dawnstar encampment if you haven’t searched the Engwithan Digsite, or at the Temple of Gaun in Neketaka. Simply talking to her and revealing that you are a Watcher following Eothas will earn her faithful service.

How do you unlock Arkemyr’s vault? Find a way inside Arkemyr’s Manor

The front door is locked. The key can be attained by pickpocketing it from Fassina in the Dark Cupboard in Periki’s Overlook or completing her quest Velvet Glove, Brass Fist and saving Bertenno from RDC slavery.

Where is Arkemyr scrying pool? – Additional Questions

How do you get fassina in Deadfire?

Fassina is a female human wizard, and a recruitable sidekick in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. She is recruited after you complete the quest The Archmage’s Vault. Visit her after completing the quest to recruit her.

Where is Netehe?

Periki’s Overlook Serpent’s Crown

Where is Arkemyr’s Manor?

Arkemyr’s Manor is one of the biggest locations you can visit in Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire. The building is located in the Periki’s Overlook in Neketaka City (M15,3).

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