Where do I use scrying stone?

Where do I use scrying stone? Comment by Roguezs. I personally found the small village near Elun’alor Temple (~77, 28) to be the best place to use the Scrying Stone.

What are scrying bowls used for? Many practitioners say that the scrying medium initially serves to focus attention, removing unwanted thoughts from the mind in much the same way as repetition of a mantra, concentration on a mandala, inducing the relaxation response, or possibly by hypnosis.

What is a scrying stone Neverwinter? Scrying Stones are spots that show a cutscene overview of the area they are in. They need to be found for the achievements in the exploration section.

What does the scrying stone do in Lioden? The Scrying Stone is the place for your curiosity! The Scrying Stone is a stone that will allow you to see what kind of potential cubs a lion and a lioness might produce! In order to make this magic work, you’re going to need to input the ID of both of them into the stone!

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What does karma do in LioDen?

Karma in LioDen is used to give your King a fancy title, as well as give you certain encounters depending on whether you’re good, neutral or evil. Karma is an ever-changing concept for your Lion, every choice you make has the chance to push his karma further into the positive or the negatives!

What does the white lion pelt do in Lioden?

So, when I was out on explore in Shrubland, I come across something and get a white lion pelt. What does that item do? It can be used for several things – as a toy, as nesting material and as crafting ingredient, 30 of them to craft Flesh of the White Lion decor. Thank you very much!

How do you lose karma fast in Lioden?

You get karma by making choices in Explore. These choices will either gain or lose karma. For example, the cub will give you options to kill it, ignore it, or frolic with it. Killing would take away karma.

How many cubs can a lioness have in Lioden?

Fertility doesn’t make any difference to litter sizes. Lionesses can have between 1 and 4 cubs in a litter with 1 and 2 being common, and 3 and 4 being rare 🙂 There is a way to tell once you breed her.

How do you get good karma in Lioden?

Getting good

A new king starts with neutral karma. To become good you will have to choose the interaction in explore encounters which results in + karma. There are neutral karma only encounters in all zones which give good karma after certain interactions, they disappear once you reach a threshold in positive karma.

How do you get mutations in Lioden?

Mutations randomly occur when breeding a lioness. Although lower fertility levels are more likely to produce a mutation naturally, they can be produced from a lioness of any fertility level.

How do you get Leopard in Lioden?

You have to get a leopon cub from explore. You can’t claim the Leopardess in the wild, or Leopons in the wild. Leopons are like every other mutation. They have a chance at popping up from CRBs, GMO Cows, Lion Meats, or even from fertility.

How do you get male slots in Lioden?

You do not do anything to assign a male to a subordinate male slot. Upon turning two years of age, a male will claim an open subordinate slot. If you have two males turning two on the same day and only one available male slot, the male with the lowest ID number will claim the spot and the other male will be chased off.

Can you lose territory Lioden?

You will not lose territory if you lose the battle. Winning will grant you +1 territory, +80 to 120 experience, and +6% impression. Losing will not get you anything but +10 to 30 experience.

How many Submale slots can you buy for gold beetles?

How many submale slots can you buy for Gold Beetles? Answer: 3.

How do I make my territory bigger in Lioden?

Territory purchases will start relatively cheap, but slowly grow more expensive the more territory you buy. To purchase a territory slot, simply click the + next to your territory number. If you have enough SB, clicking Expand will increase your territory!

How many lions can you have in a cave Lioden?

You can remove up to 100 lions at once, and you cannot remove lions that are hunting, assigned to a hunting party, broodmothers, secured lions, patrolling or on any trading/chasing cooldown.

How do you fight hyenas in Lioden?

Charge, grab, and then claw–they have soft skin so this should take them down very quickly. can bite you badly for a lot of damage if you don’t grab them early on. I’ve found that pouncing on them is super helpful.

What is a frozen slot Lioden?

Frozen slots are meant to hold frozen lions in. Once you freeze a lioness, a lioness slot will open up and a frozen slot will be taken. A frozen lion does not age, get hungry, lose mood, hunt, patrol or breed. So basically all you can do with them is look at them.

Can you unfreeze a lion Lioden?

You can only undo a frozen lion up until an hour after it’s frozen. Once it’s frozen longer, it’s frozen forever, unless you send it to your dynasty. People usually freeze tigons, leopons and dwarves to keep as trophies, once they’re too old to be bred.

How do I get more lionesses in Lioden?

You also need at least one extra territory space to claim wild lionesses. You can always free territory space by chasing off lions. Chasing off a lioness frees 1 spot. Chasing off lioness with little cubs under 5 months of age will also make the [cubs] run away, frees 1 spot.

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