What’s the best covenant for Demonology Warlock?

What’s the best covenant for Demonology Warlock? 

Why Night Fae is the Best Covenant for Demonology Warlock
  • Night Fae is the most versatile and competitive PvE option for Demonology Warlock.
  • Night Fae offer 3 very capable and competitive Soulbind options due to strong unique Conduits:
  • Dreamweaver is the better choice unless damage outside tyrant window is required.

What is the stat priority for Demonology Warlock? Statistics Explanations for Demonology Warlock

Intellect is your primary stat. You should look for this stat in all of your upgrades. It provides you with Spell Power, which increases the damage of your spells.

Does versatility increase pet damage? Does versatility also increase pet damage sorta like how versatility increases absorb amount for disc priests? Or is it just my damage alone? It increases pet damage as well.

What are the best stats for Warlock Destiny 2? Since Warlocks depend heavily on their healing/empowering rifts, it’s good to have a high Recovery. It’s best if you have a 100 on your Recovery but maintaining a score of 80-90 also works. Your Recovery stat score is also tied to the cooldown of your rifts, so the higher the score, the quicker the cooldown.

What’s the best covenant for Demonology Warlock? – Additional Questions

How do you play Demonology Warlock Shadowlands?

What is spell hit cap warlock TBC?

Warlock spell hit cap 16%

What is the highest DPS warlock spec TBC?

Best PvE Spec for Warlock DPS in Burning Crusade

Fire Destruction and Demonology are going to be competing for top DPS spots. Fire Destruction Warlocks are going to be topping the charts, at least as long as they have a Fire Mage providing Improved Scorch.

How much spell hit rating is 3%?

For example, a level 70 caster attacking a level 73 mob will have a 83% chance to hit with spells in PvE.


Level Difference PvE PvP
+ 3 83% 87%
+ 4 72% 80%
+ 5 61% 73%

How much hit does TBC Warlock need?

Spell Hit Rating

Against level 70 targets, you need a total of 3% Spell Hit Chance to not miss a Spell. Against level 73 (or Boss level) targets, you need a total of 16% Spell Hit Chance to not miss a Spell.

Is intelligence important for a warlock?

Ability Scores

Dexterity: Not generally needed. Intelligence: Generally your secondary stat. Important for AC and Reflex defense.

Do Warlock DoTs crit in TBC?

A DoT can’t crit, and therefore it doesn’t care about resilience.

Is destruction warlock good in TBC?

Warlocks are one of the best picks in TBC Classic if you’re looking to focus purely on damage. The class has three unique specializations, but the most powerful is Destruction as the talents simply provide way more damage than Affliction and Demonology.

Is Unstable Affliction better than ruin?

In a VERY short amount of time (gear), perhaps even weeks (4-5 pieces), the Ruin talent begins to outperform Unstable Affliction heavily. You ruin respec to the 0/21/40 Shadow-Destro or “Ruin” build. That remains your top PvE DPS until you get significantly more hit and spell power gear.

Should destruction warlocks use corruption?

No, IIRC it’s a DPS loss to cast. You’re better off with the shard generation and upfront damage from casting incinerate compared to casting corruption.

When should I use TBC seed of corruption?

Seed of Corruption is most useful in situations where you have to deal with multiple mobs at the same time and you have a tank with AOE taunt (such as Voidwalker). As soon as the tank grabs aggro, quickly cast SoC on as many mobs as you can. Try not to target mobs taking damage from the tank.

Does seed of Corruption have an AoE cap?

Seed of Corruption’s explode component has an AoE cap of 13,570. This cap is reached by either increasing spellpower or increasing the number of mobs hit by the AoE. If the damage cap is reached by an explosion that is triggered by death, then it is correctly calculated as 13,570 total damage (before crits).

Is Seed of Corruption Affliction or Destruction?

Seed of Corruption, often abbreviated SoC, is a level 38 Affliction warlock Shadow-based spell that deals area of effect direct damage after the target receives a specific amount of damage.

When should I use curse of doom?

Does curse of Doom stack?

Start the battle and take the entire Blue debuff. This will stack 5% increased spell damage 50 times. During this time have your other warlock cast curse of shadow and your shadow priests apply shadow weaving.

Does curse of Elements stack?

It doesn’t stack. You should be using elements and the other warlock should use a different curse.

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