What was Masaru Daimon trauma?

What was Masaru Daimon trauma? According to the father, the physical abuse was “teaching of manners”. Every time he was physically abused, Masaru forced a smile so his father wouldn’t hate him.

What was Kotoko’s trauma? Due to her trauma caused by sexual abuse, Kotoko is triggered by the word “gentle” (ć„Șしい yasashii), as the men who abused her had said they would be “gentle”.

Who does Masaru Daimon have a crush on? Like everyone else, Masaru respected Monaca, and when Komaru made her sad, he was the one to yell at her for being so mean and making Monaca cry. When Masaru later listed his goals, having Monaca to himself was among them, which implies that he had feelings for Monaca.

Did Masaru Daimon survive? During the credits, as well as Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School, it is shown that Masaru survived his execution, along with the other Warriors of Hope.

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Who died in ultra despair girls?

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls
Chapter Executed Execution Name
Prologue Komaru Naegi (survived) Komaru Naegi’s Execution
Chapter 1 Yuta Asahina Yuta Asahina’s Execution
Chapter 1 Masaru Daimon (survived) Masaru Daimon’s Punishment
Chapter 2 Jataro Kemuri (survived) Jataro Kemuri’s Punishment

How tall is Masaru Daimon?

Appearance. Masaru is 131 cm (4’3″) tall.

How tall is Monaca Towa?

My Rating
Height 135 (4′ 4″)
Weight 28 kg (62 lbs)
Birthday April 1st
Blood Type B

What is Kokichi’s height?

Name Kokichi Ouma
Height 5’1″ / 156cm
Weight 97 lbs / 44 kg
Blood type A
Likes Carbonated Drinks

How tall is Hiyoko?

Talent Ultimate Traditional Dancer, Ultimate Despair
Height (JP) 130 cm (4’3″), taller in reality
Height (EN) 127 cm (4’2″), taller in reality
Chest Size 63.5 cm (25 in)

Who is the shortest person in Danganronpa?

Ryoma is the shortest human character in the Danganronpa series.

Why does Hiyoko bully Mikan?

Canon. Hiyoko is quick to latch onto Mikan, but not in a friendly way. Mikan quickly became a common target for her bullying because of her timid nature. Hiyoko constantly makes rude remarks towards Mikan, such as calling her a “filthy pig” or “ugly bitch”.

Who is the tallest character in Danganronpa?

Daisaku is an adult male standing at (213 cm) 7′ 0″, making him the tallest character in the entire franchise, and weighs around (146 kg) 321 lbs, making him one of the heaviest characters in the franchise second only to Hifumi Yamada, with a large muscular build.

What is Mikan Tsumiki’s height?

Height: 165cm 54 Talent: Ultimate Nurse A student of Hopes Peak Academys Class 77B and a participant of the Killing School Trip featured in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. Her title is the Ultimate Nurse lit.

How old is Hiyoko?

Hiyoko is a young woman in her early twenties, around 22 at youngest. Her virtual avatar in the Neo World Program appeared as her 17 year old self.

How tall is Kirigiri?


How tall is Naegi Makoto?

5′ 3″

Who is the oldest character in Danganronpa?

Hajime Hinata is the eldest of the game, which also makes him the oldest in the game series.

Is Nagito a Naegi?

His name, “Nagito Komaeda”, was conceived as an anagram for “Naegi Makoto da” (“I am Makoto Naegi”) to infer it as a potential pseudonym; Nagito claims the name to be an alias during the third chapter.

Who is Makoto Naegi love interest?

Kyoko Kirigiri is the main heroine of the video game and anime series Dangaronpa and the love interest of Makoto Naegi.

Who did Makoto Naegi marry?

In an alternate ending to Trigger Happy Havoc in which Kyoko is executed after being blamed for killing the 16th student Mukuro Ikusaba, Makoto loses his will to fight in the next trials and establishes a polyamorous relationship with Byakuya Togami, Yasuhiro “Hiro” Hagakure, and Aoi “Hina” Asahina, with whom he has a

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