What Uranus means spiritually?

What Uranus means spiritually? Uranus is the cosmic alarm-clock, and big shocks and surprises often match up with this planet’s doing. It’s the planet of breakthroughs, and those triggering events you don’t expect. And as the higher octave of Mercury, it relates to the genius streak of the mind.

What does Uranus in North Node mean? In the Natal Chart

With Uranus forming a conjunction to the North Node in the birth chart, you can be fascinated with progressive, new technologies, and non-traditional ways of living, but also a little hesitant to embrace these things. Once you do, you’ll find yourself more inclined to grow, improve, and thrive.

What is the significance of the South Node? The south node: Your innate gifts and past life.

The south node is the exact opposite zodiac sign of the north node. It reveals the gifts that you bring into this lifetime, your sweet spot, your comfort zone.

What does Uranus square Ascendant mean? Uranus Square Ascendant Transit

Transiting Uranus square Ascendant means you are in for a shakeup in your life. The changing conditions in your life will be challenging if you resist change, but you need to be tested through change to make a positive leap now.

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What does Venus square Uranus mean?

Venus square Uranus natal gives an interesting love life. Issues involving commitment in close relationships can stem from a strong need for personal independence. You are not bound by the traditional societal or moral standards that apply to marriage and intimate relationships.

What does Saturn square Uranus mean?

With Saturn forming a square to Uranus, there can be tension experienced as our needs for freedom and spontaneity seem to clash with a need for structure and stability. Ideally, we can find creative ways to satisfy these diverging needs, perhaps by giving form to our ideals and quest for progress.

What does Venus square Ascendant mean?

Venus square Ascendant transit can make you romantic, stylish, and socially popular. It often brings more love and affection and can be a good influence on relationships, even signaling the start of a significant new relationship.

What does Sun Square Ascendant mean?

Being born with the sun in a square aspect with your ascendant, you have a charismatic ability to take charge of situations when needed. During key points in your life, you will be willing to make a dramatic change in circumstances in order to follow and achieve your core purpose.

What does Jupiter square Ascendant mean?

Jupiter Square Ascendant Natal

So, you’re inclined to be generous and growth-oriented throughout your life. Yet, you might have also learned at an early age that it’s more about how you give and get to advance in life. And sometimes, you’re more content to receive than to give.

What does Mars square Uranus mean?

Mars square Uranus natal gives abundant creative and inventive energy which can lead to brilliant achievements. However, such dynamic energy can also be dangerous. Some tests and trials may be needed before your raw explosive energy can be safely harnessed. You are not shy about getting what you want out of life.

What does Jupiter square Uranus mean?

While Jupiter squaring Uranus means drastic change for the collective, on a personal level we’ll be feeling the need to break free from what’s been holding us back. “If we’ve been feeling like a job, relationship, or situation is trapping us, the tension coming from the square might push us to act,” Montúfar says.

What does Mercury square Uranus mean?

Mercury square Uranus natal sets you apart from the pack because of your different way of thinking and communicating. While you may well have a brilliant mind, your sometimes provocative ideas or eccentric manner can upset others and lead to relationship difficulties.

What does Venus square Saturn mean?

A Venus/Saturn square in your natal chart makes your inner values and aesthetics a driving force within your work in the world. You are willing to fully dedicate yourself to work, roles, and causes that align with your ideals, devoting countless hours of hard work and effort.

Is Venus conjunct Saturn good?

Venus conjunct Saturn natal makes you a very loyal and caring person, but you can have trouble showing it. This can lead to delay and restraint in forming close relationships. You long for love and affection, but there seem to be many impediments to achieving this.

What does Venus square Neptune mean?

Venus Square Neptune Traits

If you have a natal square between planet Venus and planet Neptune, you tend to be someone who is idealistic and imaginative. You have a strong inner vision for the world you want to see and believe you can create changes beyond your wildest imagination.

What does Jupiter square Saturn mean?

Jupiter Square Saturn transit creates inner tension as you face criticism or limiting circumstances in your life. Structures or long-held beliefs may break down leaving you feeling uncertain and unsure about your future.

What does Moon square Ascendant mean?

Moon square Ascendant transit makes you more sensitive toward other people but it can also make you very moody. You can expect more personal interaction and more intimacy. Feelings will be running high, especially between you and your family and partner.

What does Moon Square Venus mean?

Moon Square Venus Natal

Being born with the moon in a square aspect with Venus means that you are someone whose relationships will be a driving force of change in your life.

What does sun Square Moon mean?

When the sun forms a square to your natal moon, it makes you more open to initiating change, as well as being able to embrace change and reorient your life as needed. You have a pioneering spirit that is willing to take on a challenge and do the work necessary to get the job done.

What is Venus square Mars?

Venus square Mars natal brings intense love-hate feelings into incredibly intimate relationships. Any irritation at loved ones can rapidly escalate to anger and temper tantrums. Yet this intensity of feeling subsides just as quickly as it builds once the pressure valve has been released.

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