What superhero has telekinetic powers?

What superhero has telekinetic powers? 

Ranked: The Top 10 Superheroes Who Have Telekinesis
  1. Jean Grey. Of all the superheroes who have telekinesis, none are arguably as famous as Jean Grey.
  2. Scarlet Witch.
  3. Raven.
  4. Franklin Richards.
  5. Emma Frost.
  6. Dr.
  7. Martian Manhunter.
  8. Cable.

What DC character has telekinesis? Darkseid has powers of telepathy and telekinesis, and he can create psionic avatars.

Who is the most powerful telekinetic user? 1 Franklin Richards

It goes without saying that Franklin Richards, omega-level mutant and son of Reed and Sue, is probably one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe let alone just the most powerful telekinetic. Keep in mind, we’ve seen this kid reshape and rebuild the entire universe.

Does Emma Frost have telekinesis? Powers and abilities. Emma Frost is a mutant of enormous telepathic ability, and is also capable of transforming into an organic diamond state with enhanced strength and durability which suppresses her telepathy.

What superhero has telekinetic powers? – Additional Questions

Who is Deadpool’s daughter?

History. Eleanor Camacho is the daughter of Deadpool and Carmelita Camacho. Eleanor was raised by Carmelita alone as Deadpool had abandoned Carmelita without knowing she was pregnant.

Who is stronger than Emma Frost?

Xavier is a more powerful telepath than Emma and wins majority, the level thing was just referred to the psychic defenses Xavier placed in Wolverine’s mind and not his power as a telepath.

Is Emma Frost an Omega level mutant?

Emma Frost and Professor X have been called “Omega level telepaths.” It is not the same as omega level mutant. They are alpha mutants. The term omega in their case means that they are telepaths of the highest order, with the most psychic power.

Is Kayla’s sister Emma Frost?

Emma is the younger sister of Kayla Silverfox. She was later captured and imprisoned by Stryker on Three Mile Island as one of his mutant test subjects. She was later freed by Logan and Kayla, along with the other mutant prisoners.

What happened to Emma Frost after First Class?

Fate. In the 2014 film, “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, Erik mentions that Emma Frost died in between 1962 and 1973, and blamed Charles for her death. She was most likely among those experimented on and killed by Trask, since Mystique seeks revenge on Trask and a Sentinel is show to use her powers.

Did Emma Frost have kids?

History. Emma is shown as Mrs Scott Summers in this reality, together they have four children, a daughter named Megan with some kind of telepathic powers, twin daughters and an infant son Alex.

Can Emma Frost beat Scarlet Witch?

Both are cunning women who had earned their respect from their fellows through a lot of hard work, but Emma Frost is the clear winner if she had to go fight the Scarlet Witch.

Who is more powerful Jean Grey or Emma Frost?

Marvel is once again hinting that Jean Grey is the X-Men’s most powerful psychic. In a private moment at the beginning of Immortal X-Men #4 by Kieron Gillen and Michael Bandini, Emma Frost admits why she believes Jean surpasses her, while raising questions about what makes a great telepath.

Is Emma Frost a superhero or villain?

Type of Villain

Emma Frost is a fictional character who is a powerful telepathic mutant with the ability to have her body encased in diamond-like shell, and she is an antagonist (sometimes an anti-heroine) the X-Men series and within the Marvel comics. She is a long-time member of the Hellfire Club as the White Queen.

Why is Emma Frost so powerful?

Her main mutation is in psychic abilities, and she is one of the world’s most powerful telepaths. In some cases, her telepathic abilities rival that of Professor Xavier. But she also has a secondary mutation. Emma’s secondary mutant ability is the power to turn her entire body into an organic Diamond Form.

Who kills Emma Frost?

History. Emma Frost was one of the many heroes killed by Deadpool when he forced Arcade to build a new and more lethal Murderworld and kidnapped Professor X in order to get the attention of his team.

How was Emma Frost killed?

When Emma was confronted by Jean, she was forced to relive various moments of her past. Following this confrontation, Emma was shot with a diamond bullet whilst in her diamond form, shattering it. Though she was believed to be dead at first, Emma’s consciousness was trapped in her shattered remains.

Why does Emma Frost dress like that?

First introduced as the bustier-clad White Queen of the Hellfire Club in 1980s Uncanny X-Men, her costumes have evolved into a series of gravity-defying Victoria’s Secret ads. The usual explanation for Frost’s wardrobe is that she’s a confidently sexual person who enjoys wearing outlandish styles.

Is Emma Frost alive?

X-Men: Days of Future Past. Erik mentions that Emma Frost, along with Azazel and Angel Salvadore, had been killed in 1963 and blames Charles for their deaths. She was most likely among those experimented on and killed by Bolivar Trask, since Mystique seeks revenge on Trask and a Sentinel is shown to use her powers.

Who married Emma Frost?

In 2019’s History of the Marvel Universe, writer Mark Waid and artist Javier Rodriguez included a number of clues to future Marvel stories, including the wedding of Iron Man and Emma Frost.

Who is Jean Grey’s daughter?

The daughter of Scott Summers and Jean Grey in an alternate timeline, young Rachel Summers inherited her mother’s potential for telepathic and telekinetic powers she possessed as Marvel Girl of the X-Men, a team of mutant adventurers fighting for peaceful coexistence between mutants and humans.

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