What should I spend memory strands on?

What should I spend memory strands on? Memory strands are primarily used to charge engrams. Players can hand memory strands for divination XP to Orla by right-clicking her after they have prestiged once. Every 1,000 strands exchanged gives the same experience as a medium XP lamp.

How do you get memory strands in Runescape? A memory strand is an item obtained by training Divination outside of Daemonheim. It is used along with various amount of Divination energy to charge engrams, which are unlocked by completing Memorial to Guthix. Up to 10,000 memory strands can be kept in the currency pouch.

How many times can you prestige Memorial to Guthix? Each prestige boosts the rate at which players can acquire memory strands, capping at 5 prestige cycles.

Where is the Memorial to Guthix? Memorial to Guthix is a Divination Distraction and Diversion revolving around the late god Guthix. The memorial site is located in the Piscatoris Hunter area, just north of the ferrets and Nickolaus’s camp and just south of the Phoenix Lair and the Airut.

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How did Guthix become a god?

Near the end of the war, Guthix used an Elder Weapon to stab the god Skargaroth, killing him and making Guthix a god, a being he had despised for his whole life. He abandoned his destroyed world and found Gielinor, where the Stone of Jas was located.

Where do I spend Divination fragments?

They have been added to your currency pouch. They may be combined at an inventor’s workbench to create pieces from the energy, chronicle, and Divination memory outfits.

How do I get to the Tears of Guthix?

Getting there

A player must travel through the Lumbridge Swamp Caves to the Tears of Guthix cavern and tell a story to Juna, the serpent guardian of Guthix’s tears. Each story told to Juna is based upon a quest that they have completed. Players require a light source to travel through the Caves as this is a dark area.

How do I get to Tears of Guthix for the first time?

How do you check for Tears of Guthix?

Players may use the Quest Journal and select Tears of Guthix to find out how many days and how many quest points or experience points are needed before being allowed to collect tears. By talking to Juna, it is possible to toggle alerts upon logging in whenever you are eligible to play this minigame again.

How do I start Tears of Guthix?

How many times can you do Tears of Guthix?

The player is granted one game tick of time inside of the cave for every quest point obtained. With 290 quest points, a theoretical maximum of 286 tears is possible.

How does Tears of Guthix work?

What quest are the Tears of Guthix?

Tears of Guthix is a quest where you must help Juna, a follower of Guthix, restore the cavern where the walls bleed tears, supposedly from Guthix. The rocks weep still, a memory of the God Wars and Guthix’s measures to end them.

Tears of Guthix (quest)

Also called ToG
Official difficulty Intermediate
Quest series None
Age Fifth Age

Where is the vampire in Runescape?

Vampyre Slayer (formerly called Vampire Slayer) is a short free-to-play quest that takes place in Draynor Village. The player is asked to slay the terrifying vampyre count terrorising the village that lives in a large mansion just north of Draynor, with the help of an experienced vampyre slayer.

How do I start the Giant Dwarf quest?

To start, speak to the Dwarven Boatman inside the mine east of Rellekka. To get to him enter the cave in the north side of the east of Rellekka, close to fairy ring DKS. As soon as you enter, walk east and enter the cave entrance shaped like a crack in the wall in between the two statues to go to Keldagrim.

How do you make sapphire lanterns?

It is created by adding lamp oil to an empty sapphire lantern, or by using a cut sapphire with a bullseye lantern (oil). Making the lantern requires level 49 Crafting and the Assist System cannot be used. The lantern can be lit with a tinderbox to produce a sapphire lantern (lit).

Can bullseye lanterns go out?

The lantern must be extinguished before the lens can be swapped out.

How do you fill a bullseye lantern?

Adding a lens to the unfinished bullseye lantern makes a bullseye lantern (empty) which must be filled up with lamp oil by distilling swamp tar in a lamp oil still at the Chemist’s house in Rimmington or at Miltog’s Lamps in Dorgesh-Kaan.

How do you use a bullseye lantern?

The lamp oil used for fuel is obtained by distilling swamp tar in the chemist’s house in Rimmington or at the lamp stall in Dorgesh-Kaan. After filling the lantern with lamp oil a player must use a tinderbox to light the lantern.


Collapse v • d • e Light sources
Oil lanterns Frame • Empty • Unlit • Lit

How do you light the Emerald Lantern?

The emerald lantern is a light source. It is used during the Lunar Diplomacy quest and is created by using the emerald lens with a bullseye lantern or a bullseye lantern (unf). If created from a bullseye lantern (unf), it will require lamp oil to be put in it first in order to be lit with a tinderbox.

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