What religion is Snape?

What religion is Snape? They practice “Snapeism,” a new religious movement centered on Snape. They believe Severus Snape is not simply a character in the Harry Potter books, but an omniscient and immortal deity, and in fact believe that the books were written because J.K. Rowling was channeling Snape.

What is a Snapewife? The Snapewives’ or Snapists’ are women who channel Snape, are engaged in romantic relationships with him, and see him as a vital guide for their daily lives. In this context, Snape is viewed as more than a mere fictional creation.

Who is Severus Snape’s wife? Severus died in 1998 without marrying nor having children, and his parents’ fates are unknown. Aside from that, it’s likely that his parents never had any other son or daughter as it’s never mentioned if Severus had a brother or a sister.

What was snapes big secret? Near the end of the saga, it’s revealed that Snape has been in love with Harry’s (now deceased) mother Lily since childhood, and has been working as a double agent against Voldemort throughout the entire series. When Dumbledore asks him whether he’s still in love with her “after all this time?” Snape replies, “Always.”

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Did Harry forgive Snape?

The acclaimed author explained that Harry paid tribute to Snape because of “forgiveness and gratitude.” Though Snape bullied Harry, he also saved him. “Harry hoped in his heart that he too would be forgiven.

Why didnt Snape defend himself?

If Snape did defend himself, that would have jeopardized a major part of Dumbledore’s and Snape’s plan of preventing Voldemort from earning the “allegiance” of the Elder Wand. In the act of defending himself, Snape would have raised Voldemort’s suspicions.

Why was Snape’s Avada Kedavra blue?

In order to conjure the avada kedavra curse, you have to want to kill your victim. We all know that Voldemort could easily kill a child without an ounce of remorse but not Snape. Snape didn’t want to kill Dumbledore, and this was why the spell was blue instead of the usual green.

How did Harry Block Avada Kedavra?

What were Snape’s last words?

12. Snape’s Last Words. In the [Deathly Hallows] book, Snape’s dying words to Harry were “Look at me“. Right then we did not realize the significance of his words but in the very next chapter when Harry goes through Snape’s memories in the Pensieve, he comes to know how much Snape loved Lily.

Why didnt Snape fight back against Nagini?

Snape did try to protect himself. He raised his wand once Voldemort’s intentions were clear. He didn’t immediately attack- Maybe because he thought he can talk his way out of it, or because he preferred a strategy of defending himself rather than attacking the dark lord.

Why did Snape tell Dumbledore No one can know?

It was for himself that he wanted others not to know; to leave for himself the privacy of his exceptional feelings. Not to mention that Voldemort’s connection to Harry meant that he would have had to be kept in the dark regardless, lest Snape be found out.

Why didn’t Snape run from Voldemort?

He would have thrown the entire mission off track that he had spent half his lifetime setting up. Voldemort was on a very clear path to kill Harry that night. It was vital that he do so, because Harry was a Horcrux. Hence, anything distracting Voldemort from that path could prolong, or worse, lose them the war.

Why did Snape want Harry to take his tears?

Snape told him to. It was necessary for Harry to take his tears so that he would know what he needed to do to defeat voldemort. Especially since the only other person that could tell him was Dumbledore and he was dead. Not to mention, it was also like a last minute redemption for Snape.

Did Harry know Snape was good?

Why did Snape tell Voldemort when Harry was being moved?

In order to preserve his position as a trusted Death Eater, Severus Snape was forced to tell Voldemort the true date at which the Order planned to move Harry.

Did Snape care for Harry in the end?

No, he didn’t. This question was directly addressed by Professor Dumbledore to Professor Snape himself in the book (as well as in the movie) when Snape expresses his disgust at Dumbledore’s revelation of Harry having to die at the cost of Voldemort’s fall.

Was Harry’s mom in love with Snape?

But Snape, like most mortals, is more complex than the reductionist view offered by this fan would suggest: As Rowling explained in a series of tweets, Snape loved Harry’s mother, Lily, and his unrequited affection drove him to resent Harry’s father, James — and by extension, Harry himself.

Did Snape know Sirius was innocent?

No one knows the truth about Sirius Black yet, not even Severus Snape. At that time, he didn’t know that Sirius Black was innocent. At that time, he knew what everyone else thought they knew – that Sirius was a dangerous criminal that was out to get Harry Potter and that was said to be Voldemort’s right-hand.

Did Snape love Harry or just Lily?

Snape loved Lily deeply: through their years at Hogwarts; through her marriage to another wizard, James Potter; through his time as a Death Eater; and long after her murder at the wand of Lord Voldemort.

Did Lily know Snape loved her?

Unlikely. Lily and Snape were childhood friends, and had been friends up until they got to Hogwarts when Snape “fell in with the wrong crowd. In Deathly Hallows, when Harry approached the Pensieve, he was grief-stricken and broken by battle.

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