What planet do Ferengi come from?

What planet do Ferengi come from? The homeworld of the Ferengi species is Ferenginar.

What is the Ferengi empire called? The Ferengi Alliance was the mercantile government of the Ferengi whose seat of power was on the homeworld of Ferenginar, located in the Alpha Quadrant. The alliance of the Ferengi was dedicated to the promotion of profit and commerce. It was overseen by the Grand Nagus from the Tower of Commerce on Ferenginar.

Are there female Ferengi? Ferengi experience sexual stimulation when their lobes are rubbed — an act called “oo-mox”. Ferengi females allegedly have smaller lobes, but the only female Ferengi characters shown in the series were Pel and Ishka.

Who made first contact with the Ferengi? Humans make first contact with the Ferengi. The event is buried by the United States of America. 2150: By this year, the Ferengi have purchased warp technology and visited Valakis, whose pre-warp inhabitants are in desperate need of medical assistance.

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Who got warp technology before the Ferengi?

Borg – 15th Century CE. Cardassians – 1925. Ferengi – after 1947. Vulcans – after 1947.

Who got warp capabilities before the Ferengi?

It is stated in Star Trek: Star Charts (p. 55) that Klingons had achieved warp capability in the year 930. Quark, however, stated in “Little Green Men” that the Ferengi would have had warp drive before the Klingons, had he delivered warp technology to Ferenginar in 1947.

When did the Ferengi join the Federation?

The Ferengi Alliance formed ca. 10,000 years ago and Gint would be the first Grand Nagus. Official first contact between the Ferengi Alliance and the Federation occurred in 2365, although unofficial contacts took place as early as 2151. By 2369, Zek was Grand Nagus, who appointed Rom to succeed him in 2375.

What color is Ferengi blood?

Ferengi physiology is similar to that of their distant relatives, the Dopterians. Average life-span: 140-150 years. They have two lungs arranged vertically and ascending ribs. Their heart rate is faster than that of Humans and their blood is of a yellow color, but it turns dark blue-green when it oxidizes.

What race is Quark?

Quark is a fictional character in the American television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He was played by Armin Shimerman and is a member of the extraterrestrial race known as the Ferengi, who are stereotypically capitalist and motivated only by profit.

How does Boimler convince the Ferengi?

Evil Poacher: The Ferengi are hunting the mugato for their horns, even though Mariner points out that they could just replicate them. Boimler and Rutherford convince the Ferengi that making the planet into a preserve and then marketing the hell out of it would be a more profitable venture.

What is the name of Mariner’s evil alter ego?

The design is really nice this week, featuring Mariner and her evil alter-ego Vindicta in a shadowy stand-off, that reminds me a bit of The Incredibles, and a bit of an ancient Greek vase! The year is 2380.

What Cerritos officer is also royalty?

The Cerritos’ chief engineering officer, Lt. Andarithio Billups (Paul Scheer) has a bit of a past. Apparently, our good engineer is part of a royal family, and his mother, Queen Paolana (June Diane Raphael), always thought his Starfleet service was a waste of time.

What is the Pakled form of government in Star Trek?

Government. The Pakleds were at one time ruled by an emperor, followed by a subordinate king, then queen. They had a rudimentary class system where an individual’s status was indicated by the size of their helmet.

Who destroyed Pakled planet?

Later it was revealed that Pakled Planet was destroyed by their very own people and framed Freeman for it in order to gain a brand new planet with rich new resources. The plan was revealed by Captain Morgan Bateson, exonerating Freeman.

What kind of political system is Star Trek?

Politics. The Federation is a representative republic, with an elected president as the head of the entire interstellar state. An election is held every four years, and a president may serve for an unlimited number of terms.

How does Commander ransom get temporary god like power?

While power-washing some of the buildings, Ensign Beckett Mariner—the daughter of Captain Carol Freeman—discovers an ancient defense system that attacks Mariner. It discharges a beam of energy that instead hits First Officer Jack Ransom and gives him god-like abilities.

Who replaces Shaxs?

Lieutenant Kayshon was a male Tamarian. He became Shaxs’ replacement as Head of Security on the Cerritos after his death. The universal translator could not always translate Tamarian, which was a language of metaphors.

Is Jack Ransom related to Rudy Ransom?

Rudy & Jack Ransom are both humans & served in the same time period, so them being related wouldn’t be surprising (& it seems like something LD might do).

Who is the security officer after Shaxs?

Meanwhile, Ensigns Mariner, Tendi, and Rutherford along with Ensign Jet Manhaver and Lieutenant Kayshon, the Tamarian security officer who’s replaced the dearly departed Shaxs, see to the cataloging the possessions of a famous collector who’s recently passed away.

Which Voyager does Boimler want to meet?

And in this week’s B-plot, Brad Boimler is looking to get one of his plates signed by a special guest to the USS Cerritos: Tom Paris. Or, as Brad refers to the former Voyager crew member, “Creator of Fairhaven, Captain Proton himself” as well as the first human to break the transwarp barrier.

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