What is the Horned Rat god of?

What is the Horned Rat god of? The Great Horned Rat is the unholy god of the skaven and one of the five major Chaos Gods active in seeking to corrupt the Mortal Realms.

Who is the god of Skaven? The Horned Rat, also known as the “Lord of the World Below”, the “Great Horned One,” and the “Under-Father,” as well as thirteen other secret names known only to the Grey Seers [3a], is the supreme god of the Skaven, and he brooks no other gods before him among the ratmen.

Is the Horned Rat tzeentch? 

The Great Horned Rat is a deity that has recently ascended to the pantheon of the Dark Gods.

Great Horned Rat
Domains Pestilence Vermin Wastelands
Type Chaos God
Status Active
Aspects Great Corruptor [6a] Great Conqueror Dark Innovator Writhing Bloodsire Shadow of Murder

What god do the Skaven follow? The Horned Rat is the only god worshipped by the Skaven, his symbol is the rough equilateral triangle and his sacred number is 13. He is usually depicted as a great rat with curved horns. He is a deity of Chaos and longs for the destruction of civilization.

What is the Horned Rat god of? – Additional Questions

Are tyranids Skaven?

The Tyranids have no true counterpart in the Warhammer Fantasy or Age of Sigmar franchise branch. They are most similar to the Skaven, who like them breed in large numbers and will destroy anything in their path, as well as polluting the local environment.

Does the Horned Rat exist?

Nope. As you point out in your question, there are no skaven in space. A chaos god gets all of it’s power from it’s worshipers, and there are no skaven to worship it so the Horned Rat just couldn’t exist in 40k.

Is there a god of rats?

The god Ninkilim, inscribed dnin-PEŠ2, is a widely referenced Mesopotamian deity from Sumerian to later Babylonian periods whose minions include wildlife in general and vermin in particular. His name, Nin-kilim, means “Lord Rodent,” where rodent, pronounced šikku but rendered nin-ka6, is a homograph.

Why is Clan Mors not a great clan?

Unlike the Great Clans, they are not heavily invested in or beholden to any one particular method of war or weapon of choice, and that versatility is a notable asset among the often single-minded Skaven. In battle, Mors has proven to be unrelenting, brutal, and merciless in the extreme.

Who is the strongest character in Warhammer fantasy?

This is the one case where I feel fairly confident in just saying straight up that Kroak is not just the most powerful mage of all time, but the most powerful individual character in the history of the Warhammer world.

Who is the leader of clan Pestilens?

Their leader is Arch-Plaguelord Nurglitch, and while he controls the clan from Skavenblight it is Lord Skrolk that remains in Lustria to return Pestilens to greatness. Lord Skrolk is an affront to nature.

Does Skaven worship nurgle?

The minor Chaos God worshipped by the Skaven, the mysterious Horned Rat, shares many of Nurgle’s ideals concerning disease and decay, and would see the entire Old World laid low by pestilence.

Are Skaven in age of Sigmar?

Yes, it’s hard to sleep well in the Age of Sigmar, always knowing that the innumerable Skaven can appear at any moment. Skaven have long been a fan-favourite throughout Warhammer Age of Sigmar and its predecessor, Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

What are the Skaven clans?

Great Clans
  • Clan Eshin.
  • Clan Moulder.
  • Clan Pestilens.
  • Clan Skryre.

What was Skavenblight before?

Skavenblight is believed to have been founded around -1600 IC, after the fall of the former Human city of Tylos.

What clan is in Vermintide?

The Skaven seen in the Vermintide series belong to Clan Fester, which is submissive to Clan Pestilens, though they have bolstered their ranks with rats from other Clans.

How do skaven play?

Skaven require a lot of finesse and are NOT beginner-friendly. Low army-wide leadership means you either take giant units, lots of leaders, or lose. Your best weapons are as likely to explode as they are to work.

Are Skaven smart?

According to Children of the Horned Rat, Common Skaven generate intelligence at the same level as humans, so there’s no reason that an intelligent, sentient creature, presented with a completely benign upbringing and raised with spirits of cooperation with fellow creatures, couldn’t arrive at their own conclusions.

Who is the leader of the Skaven?

Name Faction Description
Visktrin Skaven Leader of Clan Eshin who sent his clan to the East
Zingetail Skaven He was in charge of the Warpmoon Project during the End Times
Skreech Verminking Skaven Skreech is the representative of the Great Horned Rat in the Council of the Thirteen.

Who killed nagash?

Finally, after a terrible battle, Alcadizaar managed to kill Nagash with the sword, but wielding the dark, life-draining power of the weapon had left a hole in the heart of the king of Khemri. He threw the sword into a crevice outside Nagashizzar and fled with the Crown of Sorcery, dying shortly thereafter.

How did Sigmar became a god?

Sigmar Heldenhammer was a king of the Unberogen tribe who went on to unite the disparate human tribes and found the Empire. He was made into a god by his people after his reign, and remained the most prominent patron god of the Empire until its destruction.

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