What is the goddess Selene known for?

What is the goddess Selene known for? Selene is a Titan goddess who is the goddess of the moon. She would drive her chariot in the night sky while pulling the moon. She was known for her personification of life’s constant changes. Selene had a brother and a sister.

Is Selene a Titan? SELENE was the Titan goddess of the moon. She was depicted as a woman riding sidesaddle on a horse or driving a chariot drawn by a pair of winged steeds. Her lunar sphere or crescent was either a crown set upon her head or the fold of a raised, shining cloak.

What did Selene goddess of the moon look like? Selene is commonly depicted with a crescent moon, often accompanied by stars; sometimes, instead of a crescent, a lunar disc is used. Often a crescent moon rests on her brow, or the cusps of a crescent moon protrude, horn-like, from her head, or from behind her head or shoulders.

What are Selene symbols? Selene’s symbols include the crescent, chariot, bull, cloak and torch.

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What colors does Selene like?

Ritual to Selene:
  • Color: White and silver.
  • Element: Water.
  • Altar: Lay with a white cloth, on which is sewn moons of silver in cycle from new to dark.
  • Offerings: White foods.
  • Daily Meal: Nothing but milk or rice milk to drink.
  • Invocation to Selene.
  • Lady of the Full Moon.
  • White Lady whose rays shine on us.

Who is the most powerful moon goddess?

  • In ancient Greek mythology, Selene, is the Titan goddess of the moon and is said to drive her glowing chariot powered by beautiful white horses across the sky each night. Her list of powers are unmatched, as far as lunar goddesses go.
  • Artemis has been commonly associated with Selene.

What does Selene stand for?

Selene, (Greek: “Moon”) Latin Luna, in Greek and Roman religion, the personification of the moon as a goddess.

What power does Selene have?

Selene is a “psychic vampire” with the ability to sustain herself by psionically draining the life force of other human beings into herself. If she drains a person’s entire life force, the victim dies and crumbles to dust in seconds.

What is Selene’s personality?

Appearance. Based on the myths, Selene can be described as a seductive, peaceful and kind goddess, as well as very secluded and timid; whilst her brother, Helios, is flashy, she prefers to be hidden in the shadows.

What does the moon symbolize?

The moon is a feminine symbol, universally representing the rhythm of time as it embodies the cycle. The phases of the moon symbolize immortality and eternity, enlightenment or the dar k side of Nature herself.

What zodiac is moon?

Your moon sign reflects the cauldron of emotions, fears, longings and obsessions bubbling below the surface of your sun sign-driven persona. It’s about the private self and its motivations and anxieties. It impacts heavily upon your relationships and bonds with others, and how you FEEL about stuff. It’s deep.

What does Bible say about moon?

“The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord,” – Joel 2:31. “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and notable day of the Lord.” – Acts 2:20.

Is the moon feminine energy?

First things first:

Most often, the moon is represented as a feminine energy, while the sun is associated with masculine energy. This does not mean working with the moon is only for women – we each have both masculine and feminine energies in our makeup. In this case, the feminine energy is associated with yin energy.

Who is divine feminine?

The Divine Feminine is the feminine aspect of the divine power that connects and binds the Earth together. In other words, it is the goddess energy that exists within all of us. Many ancient cultures have a Divine Feminine concept. The Egyptians had Isis, the Greeks had Aphrodite, and the Hindus have Shakti.

How does a full moon affect a woman?

During a full moon, the gravitational pull increases. It can affect brain function, leading to greater feelings of arousal. It suggests that the full moon leads to humans having more energy, feeling more extroverted and connected to our partner, and having more interest in sex.

What is divine feminine energy?

The Divine Feminine is an energy, which means she can’t be seen or heard, but she can be felt. She is the feminine that exists in all living beings on earth, including the ocean, moon, and trees. She is sometimes known as Yin energy, Shakti, Kali, or Gaia.

What is dark divine feminine energy?

What is dark feminine energy? The dark feminine is one-half of the divine feminine. She is not the negative aspect of the feminine but rather the dark, fiery, transformational, shadow aspect of womanhood. The birth, death, and rebirth cycle is at the center of our story as women and at the center of mother earth.

How do you know if you’re a divine feminine?

Qualities of the divine feminine.
  1. Intuitive.
  2. Heart-centered.
  3. Compassionate.
  4. Wise.
  5. Accepting.
  6. Forgiving.
  7. Collaborative.
  8. Reflective.

What happens when the divine masculine awakens?

The divine masculine is all about movement and activity. In other words, when it starts to awaken, you will feel the need to be active and move. You may have already been active before but this time you will feel an even greater desire to move – whether it is through working out, working outside, or anything else.

How do I know if I found my divine masculine?

Traits of the divine masculine.
  1. Risk-taking.
  2. Assertiveness.
  3. Action-oriented.
  4. Discipline.
  5. Boundaries.
  6. Confidence.
  7. Objectivity.
  8. Logic and analysis.

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