What is subjective precognition?

What is subjective precognition? The ability to perceive future events before they happen based on the users own decisions/ideas.

How did Alice see Renesmee future? She saw how the vampires would die or who they would kill, even if it was a werewolf. She was seeing the future through the minds of the vampires, who happened to be dealing with werewolves or Hybrids.

Can Alice from Twilight see the future? Two subjects excluded from Alice’s vision. Her visions are subjective; she can only see the future once a decision affecting it has been made, and some visions are more certain than others.

What is a precognitive vampire? As a vampire, her abilities as a human were amplified two-fold into subjective precognition, which is the ability to perceive what future events may take place based on the decisions in play by people.

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