What is Lucid Dreams a cover of?

What is Lucid Dreams a cover of? Although Sting never had the opportunity to work with Juice, “Lucid Dreams” contains a reworked sample from Sting’s classic 1993 track “Shape of My Heart.” Following its release in May 2018, Sting returned to the top of Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart as a songwriter.

What songs has juice WRLD covered? 

Songs covered by Juice WRLD
Song Play Count
NO BYSTANDERS (Travis Scott cover) 36
Fine China (Future cover) 33
Take a Step Back (Ski Mask the Slump God cover) 26
Nuketown (Ski Mask the Slump God cover) 13

Did Lucid Dreams get Diamond? “Lucid Dreams” was certified diamond on February 4, 2022.

Is Lucid Dreams sampled from Nas? This time, Juice raps over Nas’ 1996 song “The Message,” the first song to sample Sting’s “Shape of My Heart.” His biggest hit to date, “Lucid Dreams,” also samples the Sting’s 1993 track. Spitting off the top, Juice WRLD sends ruthless bars to his adversaries without slipping a single time.

What is Lucid Dreams a cover of? – Additional Questions

What song did Lucid Dreams copy?

The song is structured around an interpolation of Sting’s 1993 song “Shape of My Heart“.

Did Juice WRLD copy Sting?

Juice WRLD used elements of the classic Sting song “Shape of My Heart” in his 2018 track “Lucid Dreams” and later had to give up 85 percent of the copyright to Sting and co-writer Dominic Miller.

Did Nas sample?

Four years ago, when former DJBooth managing editor Nathan Slavik wrote “The Most Sampled Rapper Voices in Hip-Hop History,” Nas ranked ninth with 413 hip-hop vocal samples based on information gathered from the WhoSampled database.

Did Nas sample Sting?

Nas’s ‘The Message’ sample of Sting’s ‘Shape of My Heart’ | WhoSampled.

What was the message sampled from?

Snoop Dogg’s ‘The Message’ sample of Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five feat. Grandmaster Melle Mel and Duke Bootee’s ‘The Message’ | WhoSampled.

What movie is the song Shape Of My Heart from?

Demolition Man
Shape of My Heart / Movie

What is the meaning behind Shape of My Heart?

Sting explained that through “Shape of My Heart”, he wanted to tell the story of a “card player, a gambler who gambles not to win but to try to figure out something; to figure out some kind of mystical logic in luck, or chance; some kind of scientific, almost religious law.”

Who is the girl in Shape Of My Heart video?

The actress Sara Foster and the actor Ryan McTavish rehearse on the stage while another couple watches from a desk in front of the audience.

Who wrote the song The Shape of My Heart?

Shape of My Heart/Composers

Which is the shape of heart?

Heart beat

The human heart is a fist-sized muscle with a rounded bottom, smooth sides, and a thick arch of blood vessels at the top.

What songs did Westlife sing?


Where did Sting come from?

Wallsend, United Kingdom
Sting / Place of birth

Wallsend is a town in North Tyneside, England, at the eastern end of Hadrian’s Wall. It has a population of 43,842 and lies 3.5 miles east of Newcastle upon Tyne.


What age is shaggy?

53 years (October 22, 1968)
Shaggy / Age

What is Sting’s elven name?

The gently curvaceous blade features etched elven runes ‘Maegnas (Sting) is my name. I am the spider’s bane‘ along the central ridge.

Why does Bilbo’s sword glow blue?

Both of these blades are of Elvish make, the same as Bilbo’s newfound sword, Sting. Each blade carries the same properties of Sting, which includes the useful feature of glowing a dull blue when Orcs are nearby.

Why does Orcrist not glow?

As in the novel, Orcrist is shown in the extended edition of the film to be buried with Thorin. While it is an Elvish sword, it does not appear to glow blue (or glow at all, for that matter) when Thorin is in the presence of Orcs in the film. This reflects the fact that Glamdring did not glow in the films as well.

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