What is directional strength in astrology?

What is directional strength in astrology? What is directional strength? Directional strength of planets is a special force gained by a considered planet in a specific house, The force also adds score to overall planetary power score in the birth chart.

Which planet is responsible for job in astrology? Well, it is planet Saturn. We can say that it is one of the most significant planets for a career, also known as Jeevana Karaka or Karma Karaka. While Saturn is considered a malicious planet, when it remains favourable, it can also be a benefactor in a chart.

Which is the direction in which only one planet gets full directional strength? Dig bala creates an impact on the basis of the direction of planets, such as Sun in the east direction, Saturn in West, Mars in the south, Mercury in the north, Rahu in the south-west, Moon in North-west and Venus North-east. Hence, Digbala is the directional strength of planets.

Which Graha is responsible for good job? The Planet responsible for Government Job

The planet Saturn is considered the factor of service. The tenth house of the horoscope represents our deeds and the sixth house of the horoscope represents service apart from other things.

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Which planet is responsible for job loss?

Here are the planets and Major Periods and transits responsible for a job loss in the horoscope: 1. The Major Period of Venus or Saturn, irrespective of their Lordships.

Which planet is Karaka for job?

Similarly, Saturn is the Karak planet for your job. It is analysed to gather information about your skills and hard work. Hence, these three planets need to be auspicious and strong. It is important to analyse the state of the Lords of sixth and tenth house from Birth Ascendant, Moon and Sun.

Which house is responsible for career?

The houses 2,6,10 and 11 are the prime houses for salaried career and 6th house is the most important because it is expense of your employer. The 11th house is the house of fulfilment of desires and thus in a way it is the most important house in a horoscope for each and every matter related to self.

Which planet is responsible for money?

Venus represents wealth or money as it rules the second house of wealth in the natural zodiac.

Which planet is responsible for laziness?

Rahu is known to confer malefic effects in general and is considered as a planet which induces laziness, delays, and hurdles in work. Rahu is known to reflect its shadow for 18 months in a zodiac.

Which Nakshatra are wealthy?

As Venus represents wealth, these nakshatras will also represents wealth. Jupiter ruled Nakshatra – Punarvasu, Vishakha and Purva-Bhadra are Jupiter ruled Nakshatra. As Jupiter represents wealth, these nakshatras will also represents wealth.

What planets rule careers?

The primary influencers as planets that govern an individual’s careers are Saturn and Jupiter.

Which planet is responsible for hard work?

In order to get success in higher studies Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Ketu have to be in good position. Mercury represents intelligence, Jupiter stands for knowledge & wisdom, Venus is all about entertainment, art & crafts, whereas Ketu represents hidden intelligence & highly technical skill.

Does Rahu affect career?

As per Vedic astrology, Rahu represents strong desires, and Ketu represents materialistic detachments. Thus, the combination makes a person run behind money, wealth, name, and status. This, in turn, is not a good characteristic of a professional person.

Does Jupiter rule career?

Suitable careers like publishing and journalism, writing, teaching, web designing, editors, etc. are ruled by this planet. Mercury gives good negotiation skill to the native. Jupiter’s impact- Since Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and knowledge, professions like a financial advisor, bankers, bureaucrat, lawyer, etc.

What career means Rahu?

Rahu a diplomatic planet which involves hard work, if placed in the 10th house indicates profession related to engineering, politics, research work, stock brokers, gambling, aviation and speculation.

Does Saturn give government jobs?

Sun in the second house of the birth chart with a relation with the tenth house or its Lord gives a very strong probability of getting a government job. 5. If Saturn is strong and placed in the Leo sign while the depositor, Sun, is also strong, then the person has a strong yoga for a government job.

Which professions are related to Jupiter?

Apart from this, Jupiter is also responsible for some other professions like Procurement, Diplomatic Advisory, Medicine, Priests and Religion, Spokesmen, Officers and Trusts of Religious Institutions, Directors, Philosophers, Writers, Cashiers, Ministers and Politicians.

What are the professions influenced by Saturn?

Agriculturists, sexton, cobbler, fishermen, potter, miner, plumber, mason, sweeper, tanner, estate agent, dyer, scavenger, coal traders, trading with Saturn-related goods, jailers, watchmen, those who work at night, those who work underground, are some of Saturn’s professions.

What career does Mars rule?

Mars represents weapons, fire, energy, military, police, surgeons and engineers. The native will get ample opportunities in these fields. Like wise: The Sun, the lord of sign Leo, is the planet of authority.

How do I choose a career in Vedic astrology?

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