What is a South Node eclipse?

What is a South Node eclipse? If the Sun is before the descending node or after the ascending node, then the Moon is North of the node. If the Sun is after the descending node or before the ascending node, then the Moon is South of the node. Lunar eclipses happen when the Sun is close to one node and the Moon is close to the opposite node.

Do eclipses bring fated events? You can think of eclipses as a new or full moon on steroids. They pack so much more energy and punch than a normal lunation of the Sun or moon. In fact, they feel like they are three new or full moons rolled into one. An eclipse may even bring on an event that seems “fated” in some way.

What does a lunar eclipse mean in astrology? Eclipses signify significant periods of change and transformation. While a solar eclipse opens the portal for new beginnings and change, a lunar eclipse reveals energies that help us complete a journey or shift our course in some way. However, these shifts do not take place all at once.

How do you read a chart in eclipse? 

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