What does it mean when Pluto is in Libra?

What does it mean when Pluto is in Libra? The Pluto Libra generation is on a mission to save the world through beauty, as Dostoyevsky wrote. They do the commitment thing in powerfully re-imagined ways. Their obsessions about others’ reactions can lead to impulsive people-pleasing.

What does Mars conjunct Pluto mean? Mars conjunct Pluto natal gives an incredibly strong desire to achieve your goals. Strength, passion, and courage are your strong points but an indomitable will and tendency toward manipulation brings enemies and hinders success. Personal relationships can be volatile until you learn to harness your intense energy.

What does Mars Saturn conjunction mean? During the Mars – Saturn conjunction, the essential energies fight with necessary controls. This conjunction often results in a stalemate or indecision. Occasionally this can also make the person prone to accidents. On the positive side, this conjunction is a time when you can use your energies constructively.

What does Pluto conjunct Saturn mean? Pluto Conjunct Saturn Natal

Being born with Pluto in a conjunction aspect to Saturn, you are drawn toward finding a role within society through which you can become an authority and make an impact. You are ambitious and willing to put in the dedicated work and discipline needed to achieve success.

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