What does it mean if Mercury is in retrograde in your chart?

What does it mean if Mercury is in retrograde in your chart? Chatty, brainiac Mercury is voted “Most Likely to Go Into Retrograde,” so it’s not uncommon to see Mercury retrograde in a natal chart. It may mean that you have lessons to learn related to thinking, communication, and the mind.

How do I know if I was born in Mercury retrograde? First things first: To find out if you were born during Mercury’s backspin, look at your birth chart (you can create a natal chart for free on Cafe Astrology), and locate Mercury. If Mercury was retrograde when you were born, you’ll see “Rx” above the Mercury symbol in your chart.

How does Mercury retrograde affect people born in Mercury retrograde? “Being born with Mercury retrograde is an advantage,” according to the popular Australian astrology site Mystic Medusa. “Or, at the very least, it is not disadvantageous. It deepens your consciousness and bestows an innate poetic sensibility. It gives the person a surreal literacy that many folks long to emulate.”

What does it mean to be born in retrograde? The truth is, being born during Mercury retrograde gives you an advantage when it comes to contemplative and all-encompassing thinking. You see every angle of an idea because you naturally have a tendency to look backwards and sideways, which is something Mercury is not naturally aiming to do.

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What does retrograde mean spiritually?

What is ‘retrograde’? In astrology, retrograde describes the apparent backwards movement of a planet. This is because the planet isn’t actually moving backwards – it’s only an illusion. According to NASA, the illusion occurs because of how Earth and other planets orbit the sun.

What signs are affected by Mercury retrograde?

Everyone, stay calm! Mercury will be in retrograde for four separate periods this year. The Mercury retrograde 2022 dates will occur under each of the three air zodiac signs—Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra—until our final bout with this transit arrives, dawned with earthly Capricorn energy.

What is in retrograde right now 2022?

Mercury Retrograde:

September 9 to October 2, 2022. This retrograde begins in Libra and ends in Virgo. The pre-shadow begins on August 20, and the post-shadow phase ends on October 16.

How does retrograde affect us?

Mercury retrograde is an optical illusion which means it looks as if the planet is moving backwards from our view here on earth. Astrologers believe that during this perceived backwards motion, technology and communication could get disrupted, putting a damper on anyone’s summer mood.

What happens during retrograde?

As the name suggests, retrograde is when a planet appears to go backward in its orbit, as viewed from Earth. Astronomers refer to this as “apparent retrograde motion,” because it is an optical illusion. The opposite of retrograde is direct or prograde motion.

What does it mean if you were born during Venus retrograde?

People born under Venus retrograde have to watch for self-sabotage in love relationships. There may be an underlying feeling of not being “good enough”, attractive enough, or loveable enough. Deep insecurities can be present. Self-love can be an issue.

Does Venus retrograde cause breakups?

Venus retrograde also tends to cause us to spend on a whim then have buyers remorse. And when it comes to relationships, yes, Venus retrograde might make us more likely to break up — if the relationship was already headed that way.

What happens if you were born during Mercury retrograde?

If you were born during Mercury retrograde, you may have to overcome some issues around shyness, clear communication, and absorbing information.

What should you not do during Venus retrograde?

That means avoiding cosmetic procedures, tattoos, and even big hair changes, if you can. “While Venus retrograde can certainly bring up insecure feelings around physical appearance, it’s easy to regret big decisions made during the retrograde when Venus goes direct,” says Bowles.

Should you dye your hair during Mercury retrograde?

Dyeing your hair during retrograde is almost always a bad idea. Most likely you will end up with patchy brown streaks in your hair, running around the supermarket searching for another box of dye to cover up your mistake, only to end up making it worse.

What should you not do during retrograde?

An exhaustive list of what not to do during Mercury retrograde
  • Hold off on signing any contracts. Making a big purchase?
  • Be prepared for traffic and other travel mishaps.
  • Avoid situations primed for misunderstandings.
  • Don’t rely on technology.
  • Delete that “U Up?” text from a toxic ex.
  • Refrain from starting anything new.

Can I get my hair done during Venus retrograde?

And because this planet rules all things love, beauty, and attraction, you’ll want to avoid making any drastic hair changes during this time period. Put down the scissors, step away from the box dye, and cancel any unnecessary beauty appointments for the next 40 days or so.

Is it OK to get Botox during Mercury retrograde?

Both astrologers also advise against such treatments during Mars retrogrades, given that the planet rules over surgical procedures, and Mercury retrogrades, in order to avoid clerical errors or miscommunications.

Should you get a tattoo during Venus retrograde?

Don’t get tattoos during Mercury retrograde , Mars retrograde or Venus retrograde.

Should I cut my hair before Venus retrograde?

Waiting until the retrograde has cleared will ensure that you’re making decisions with clarity, and will minimize any damage caused by rash decisions. So let’s sum it up: Do not, I repeat, do not be tempted by shiny new love prospects, dusty old exes, expensive beauty products, or any extreme hair cuts.

How does Venus retrograde affect relationships?

When it comes to your personal relationships, things are likely to intensify during this retrograde as Venus travels through the sector of your chart that governs deep bonds. With the planet of love moving backward, you’ll begin to go more internal, bringing your partner or crush with you.

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