What does DaiMon mean Ferengi?

What does DaiMon mean Ferengi? In the Ferengi language, DaiMon translated to “Captain”; the position was also the equivalent that of a captain. ( ENT: “Acquisition”; TNG: “The Battle”; PRO: “First Con-tact”) It was observed, on occasion, that DaiMons in command of a starship were referred to as “Leader” by members of their crew. (

What happened to the stargazer on Star Trek? In 2354, Picard took the Stargazer on a mission to the planet Chalna. The Stargazer was destroyed near the Maxia Zeta star system and the attacking ship was later identified as Ferengi. After the loss of his ship, Picard was cleared of any wrongdoing in the incident as a result of the mandatory court-martial hearing.

What episode was the Picard Maneuver? 

The Battle (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
“The Battle”
The USS Stargazer as it appears to the Enterprise after it has performed the Picard Maneuver
Episode no. Season 1 Episode 9
Directed by Rob Bowman
Story by Larry Forrester

What is the Picard Maneuver? Simply put, the Picard Maneuver is a means by which a starship can appear to be in two places at the same time. Picard invented the tactic during a battle with the Ferengi, when he used maximum warp for a very brief instant to move the USS Stargazer 30 lightseconds closer to a Ferengi vessel.

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Why does Riker walk funny?

Frakes had a back injury, caused by having a job moving furniture. The result is the “Riker Lean,” where you often see him on set leaning on chairs or consoles, or with one leg propped up on something. You can also see his body is tilted a little when he’s standing up straight.

Why does Captain Picard wear red?

Designating the wearer’s career is the main function of a Starfleet uniform. In TOS (The Original Series) gold was reserved for command, red was for engineering and security, leaving science and medical officers with blue.

Why does Picard pull down his shirt?

On Star Trek: The Next Generation, Captain Picard developed the habit of tugging his uniform shirt down to straighten it out. Fans, cast, and crew refer to it at the Picard Maneuver and it’s been the focus of more than one supercut over the years (eg. “Ode to the Picard Maneuver”).

Why did Picard start wearing a jacket?

Captain’s variant

The captain’s uniform was designed by Robert Blackman to make Captain Picard stand out from the rest of his crew, at the suggestion of actor Patrick Stewart. [1] The creation of the jacket was prompted by Stewart raising complaints about how uncomfortable the standard duty uniforms were.

Are the Gorn part of the federation?

This conflict was resolved peacefully and led to the Gorn being a close ally of the Federation. It is said to be one of the few alliances in the SFU that is apparently based on mutual trust, respect, and desire for friendship as opposed to political convenience (see also Star Fleet Universe).

How long was Picard captain of the Enterprise?

In 2363, Picard was assigned command of the newly commissioned Galaxy-class starship USS Enterprise-D, the most prestigious captaincy in Starfleet. He commanded the flagship for eight years, participating in many important missions.

What does the NCC stand for on Star Trek?

According to both “The Making of Star Trek”, and the second seaon writers guide update, NCC officially stands for “Navy-Curtis Craft“, referring to the fact that the design and construction of the cruisers was a combination of the Navy’s and Curtis Industries inputs.

Who is the best captain of the Enterprise?

Jean-Luc Picard is the best the Enterprise has ever known

Probably no two Star Trek captains are weighed against each other more often than Kirk and Picard. Picard is often treated as a more timid, snootier answer to his predecessor, but those comparisons aren’t fair.

Did Picard ever meet Kirk?

Kirk Meets Picard (‘Star Trek: Generations,’ 1994)

Only the Nexus could allow these two greats to meet. The two Enterprise captains team up to save the day from Tolian Soran (Malcolm McDowell), with Kirk (William Shatner) ultimately dying in one of the most controversial and debated moments in Star Trek history.

Who is the greatest Star Trek Captain?

1 James T. Kirk, Star Trek: The Original Series
  • Movies & TV.
  • Star Trek.

Who was Captain of the Enterprise after Picard?

The Star Trek: Picard mystery of who became Captain of the Enterprise has been answered: Jean-Luc’s replacement is a familiar face from TNG. The new canonical Star Trek: Picard prequel novel has revealed who replaced Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) as the Captain of the Enterprise: Worf (Michael Dorn).

Does Janeway meet Picard?

Admiral Janeway Wouldn’t Have Appeared In Star Trek: Nemesis

It was Janeway who contacted Captain Picard and gave him his marching orders to go to Romulus and meet its new Praetor, Shinzon (Tom Hardy), who turned out to be Picard’s evil clone planning to destroy the Federation.

Why is Janeway an admiral and not Picard?

He never sought to become an admiral, because it would take him away from what he loved most in life: His ship and his crew. Janeway likely had different career goals and was more interested in moving up the chain of command.

Is there more than 1 Borg Queen?

There is only one Borg Queen.

Is Ensign Janeway related to Captain Janeway?

It’s just a name. There’s no canon link between her and the ‘other’ Janeway.

Who does Captain Janeway end up with?

In the non-canon Trek novels, Chakotay promptly ends his relationship with Seven shortly after returning to the Alpha Quadrant and he takes command of Voyager after Janeway is promoted to Admiral. Chakotay and Janeway do consummate their relationship, but just before Janeway’s untimely death.

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