What blood is Vriska?

What blood is Vriska? Equius, the person who cares most about blood color, calls Gamzee’s blood Purple. That’s because he is a Blue Blood, but so is Vriska, and she’s technically a Cerulean Blood, it appers to be just another term for beloning to part of the aristocracy that Equius favors because he can use his typing quirk.

What did Damara do? Eventually, she engaged Meenah in a brutal duel, in which she ultimately won and killed Meenah in revenge, this being the cause for Meenah’s god tier ascension; it does not appear that Damara was also killed and ascended during this fight, or at least Damara herself would not say if she did.

Is karkat a rust blood? Karkat has bright red blood (like humans), and is thus a DIRTY MUTANT. This means that, if anyone were to find his blood color, he would be culled. This is a fancy word to say he would be killed faster than you can say “mutant”.

Who has the lowest blood in homestuck? Aradia refers to Tavros and herself (the two being the lowest on the hemospectrum) as “rust bloods,” while Terezi, Vriska and Equius have all been referred to as “blue bloods.”

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Why is Karkat a mutant?

Karkat was born as a mutant, due to his candy red blood, which he inherited from his ancestor.

What is the highest blood color homestuck?

Purple Blood is the highest ranked blood possible for land-dwelling trolls, and members of this caste are referred to as the “highbloods.” Because of their position on the hemospectrum, purple blooded trolls are more prone to extreme violence and unpredictability, and it was for this reason that most were tasked as the

What blood is Terezi?

Aradia refers to Tavros and herself (the two being the lowest on the hemospectrum) as “rust bloods,” while Terezi, Vriska and Equius have all been referred to as “blue bloods.” Lowbloods is used to refer to the lower half of the spectrum and highbloods is used to refer to the upper half of the spectrum.

Who has blue blood in homestuck?

The blue blood caste, also called cobalt or cerulean, is one of the twelve troll blood castes, higher than teal and succeeded by indigo.

Extended Zodiac Signs.

Prospit Derse
Blood Scorcer The Champion Scorcen The Uniter
Breath Scorus The Victorious Scorun The Insurgent

How many blood colors are there in homestuck?

The hemospectrum is the series of twelve blood colors possessed by trolls, forming the basis of the Alternian caste system.

Is Terezi blind?

Though she is blind, Terezi can “smell” and “taste” colors. She makes references to being able to “smell” the text of others while chatting online, clearly confusing the Homestuck Kids.

Who is Karkat dating?

Davekat is the slash ship between Dave Strider and Karkat Vantas from the Homestuck fandom.

Why are Terezis eyes red?

When we first saw Terezi’s healed eyes they were blood-shot (due to faygo, or a bad sleep, or both), however the veins in her eyes were orange as opposed to teal. In humans of course blood-shot eyes are red because of our blood, which lead to some confusion as to why the veins in Terezi’s eyes were not teal.

Who killed Vriska?

Act 5 Act 2. After fighting lots of mobs, Vriska and Tavros finally made it to Vriska’s quest bed. When Vriska was about to tell Tavros the final steps for her to become a God Tier, they were interrupted by Aradia who beat Vriska half to death in revenge for her own death.

Why did Vriska make John fall asleep?

John talks with Vriska, who reveals that she intentionally put John to sleep in order to create Bec Noir and get him involved with the troll’s session.

Is tavros dead?

After Death

Tavros seemed incredibly excited to finally meet Dave in person, even if he was a dead temporal copy. Tavros’ fatal injury at the hands of Vriska. bodies, as well as Eridan’s legs. It appears Gamzee placed his mutilated head on the ground in front of the jury’s table.

Who hates Vriska?

The relationship between Vriska and Karkat is one of the oddest among the trolls. While Karkat’s initial reactions were to hate her because of her being a vile backstabber, their relationship changed over time.

How does Gamzee type?

Gamzee uses purple as a text color, and used to alternate between lowercase and uppercase every letter, which (like many things) annoyed Karkat. After sobering up, his lines alternate between all caps and all lowercase.

Is Equius vegetarian?

Trivia. , making him somewhat of a vegetarian, if that is even a possibility on Alternia. The number 100, which Equius uses in his quirk, is the atomic number of the element fermium on the periodic table, which is the heaviest element that can be formed by neutron bombardment of lighter elements.

Which Homestuck troll is Scorpio?

Vriska (Scorpio) Troll Tee, bearing the symbol of Vriska Serket and Aranea Serket.

Why do Homestuck characters have zodiacs?

Each sign came to represent a personality type, with a person’s personality supposedly determined by the sign that influenced them most at birth.

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