Should you bring the core to Marcus or Zed?

Should you bring the core to Marcus or Zed? Giving the core to Zed gives you a shield. Giving the core to marcus gives you a shotgun. Neither is particularly special besides being able to talk with the core’s voice.

How do you do an out of body experience in Borderlands 2? 

  1. Kill two Bandits kicking an EXP Loader in the Bloodshot Stronghold to receive mission.
  2. Go to where you fought the Loader Robots on the way to W3R-D3N in the ‘A Dam Fine Rescue’ mission.
  3. Install the AI core into the Constructor.
  4. Kill the Constructor.
  5. Pick up the AI core.
  6. Install it into the WAR Loader.

Where are the echoes in memoriam? The first ECHO is located at a bandit camp built under a ship, near Boll’s place. The ECHO is attached to the anchor hanging down from the ship. Shoot the anchor down to retrieve the ECHO. The second ECHO is not far from the entrance to Sanctuary.

How do you farm Fastball? 

Should you bring the core to Marcus or Zed? – Additional Questions

Where is mutated Varkid?

The Mutated Badass Varkids cannot get inside the tunnel, while their ranged attack is blocked most of the time and is easy to dodge otherwise. On rare occasions, they can get inside the Observatory by flying and clipping through the upper wall of the tunnel.

How do you inject a Mighty Morphin pod?

When Varkids enter their pods, run up and press X to inject the mutation. Use a less-powerful gun so as not to kill the larvae with only one shot.

How long does it take for a super badass Varkid to evolve?

Evolutionary Limit
Varkid Form Larval Super Badass
Time to morph into pod 10 seconds 60 seconds

Where can I find Varkids in Borderlands 2?

Locations where you can find Varkids: Caustic Caverns. Tundra Express.

What can Terramorphous drop?

Terramorphous the Invincible has an increased chance to drop the legendary Pitchfork sniper rifle.

What are the chances of Vermivorous spawning?

Vermi is an annoying farm. It is just a huge pain to get him to spawn in the first place. If the numbers in this article are correct, going from any larval varkid to Vermi the chance is 1.6% with 4 players. There are a lot of varkids usually so the chances are better, but still on the low side.

How do you spawn Vermivorous the Invincible solo?

Go to caustic Caverns. Use the vending machines to top off your ammo supplies. Run around the first area with the dump truck until all varkids spawn. Wait for them to evolve and kill all of those that don’t (this allows more of them to spawn from their hives).

How do you ignite Varkids in Borderlands 2?

How do you spawn vermi?

Basically what you need to do is run around and kite a group of Varkids (draw aggression but don’t kill) until they grow into morph pods. Do not kill the varkids or pods.

How do you spawn Hemovorous?

Finding Hemovorous The Invincible

To first fight Hemovorous The Invincible, players will need to head to Sanctuary 3 and accept the quest “You. Will. Die. Over and Over.” The mission will then have them heading to Pandora, and more specifically, Ascension Bluff.

Where are chubby enemies in Borderlands 2?

All dens are able to spawn Chubbies and Badasses. Nearby to the Fast Travel station, there are 6 that can be checked quickly, 3 more on the ridge to the right of the character spawn, 2 near a house area just ahead over a small ledge, and 1 by the skag pool straight ahead of the Fast Travel station.

What level do Tubbies drop legendary class mods?

The other legendary mods will only drop in UVHM from tubby enemies at level 62+. You can find Legendary Siren mods from level 20 or so. You will never see a legit Legendary Cat lower than 62. The LLMs can drop the standard class mods, but will not drop the additional tubby only mods.

What level Tubbies spawn?

Tubbies spawn in UVHM, chubbies spawn on N/TVHM. Tubbies can start dropping the special orange class mods at level 62 and above.

How do you spawn the black queen in Borderlands 2?

Go to the end and when you reach the save point before the bandit camp, that is when she will spawn if she can be bothered. The spawn point is down that path, past the buildings. Kill the bandits, goliaths, midgets and spiderants that will spawn, and then deal with the Black Queen.

How do I farm Mobley and gettle?

What does Mobley drop Borderlands 2?

He has a strong shield — so you may want to use a shock weapon to defeat him more easily. There is a chance that Mobley drops the legendary weapon Veruc. If not, come back after he respawns for another chance.

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