Is there a book of demons?

Is there a book of demons? 

Book of Demons is the first installment of the Return 2 Games series that aims to bring classic hardcore genres to broader audiences.

Book of Demons
Series Return 2 Games
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, iPadOS, Nintendo Switch
Release Microsoft Windows 13 December 2018 Nintendo Switch 30 April 2020

What is the name of the king of demons? Asmodeus, Hebrew Ashmedai, in Jewish legend, the king of demons.

When was this present darkness written? 


What is This Present Darkness book about? This Present Darkness Mass Market Paperback – March 1, 2002. Ashton is just a typical small town. But when a skeptical reporter and a pastor begin to compare notes, they suddenly find themselves fighting a hideous plot to subjugate the townspeople―and eventually the entire human race.

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Who wrote the book This Present Darkness?

Frank E. Peretti
This Present Darkness / Author

Frank Edward Peretti is a New York Times best-selling author of Christian fiction, whose novels primarily focus on the supernatural. As of 2012, his works have sold over 15 million copies worldwide. He has been described by the New York Times as creating the Christian thriller genre.


Which book came first This Present Darkness or piercing the darkness?

A riveting thriller, This Present Darkness offers a fascinating glimpse into the unseen world of spiritual warfare. Piercing the Darkness: This sequel to This Present Darkness follows the supernatural battle over the small town of Bacon’s Corner, where, once again, armies of angels and demons are at war.

How does This Present Darkness end?

At the end of the novel, through the power of the prayers of the faithful in the town, the angels are able to defeat the demonic powers and stop the purchase of the college.

How many pages is This Present Darkness?


Who is Susan in This Present Darkness?

Susan Jacobson : A partial friend of Pat Krueger’s and Kaseph’s girlfriend. Alexander Kaseph: Owner of Omni Corporation, head of a “Universal Consciousness Society,” and host for the Strongman. Patricia Krueger : Bernice Kruger’s sister who committed suicide.

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