Is the Wiltern standing room only?

Is the Wiltern standing room only? The main floor of the Wiltern is generally standing room only, while assigned seats can be purchased for the Loge and Mezzanine levels.

What should I wear to the Wiltern? Wear anything comfortableyou will see everything from date night to totally casual. I always go to the Sunday matinee performances and park on a sidestreet.

What is the Wiltern underground experience? Featuring a private bar, as well as space for up to 15 cocktail tables, the Underground Lounge establishes a peaceful haven amid an otherwise bustling rock and roll venue. Guests may arrive via the venue’s private parking garage, and stairs from the Underground Lounge lead up to the Main Lobby.

Can you bring water into the Wiltern? Accessible Seating can be accommodated upon arrival at the door. For additional Accessible information, please call 213-388-1400. General Rules: No bottles, cans, or alcohol.

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Can you smoke inside the Wiltern?

Is smoking allowed at The Wiltern? Smoking is permitted only on the smoking patio located on the south west side of the building.

Why is it called the Wiltern?


The theater closed after just one year but was reopened in the mid-1930’s under a new name, the Wiltern Theater (“Wiltern” is a portmanteau of Wilshire Blvd. and Western Avenue, the intersection on which the building stands).

Do they serve drinks at the Wiltern?

I doubt it will be the same when watching a rock concert it’s mostly likely a festival seating and probably the no video, audio, and photography is allowed. Their food and drinks and mostly the alcoholic drinks are a bit pricey.

How many does the Wiltern seat?

The Wiltern / Capacity

Why is the Wiltern green?

De Roulet was the maternal grandson of Germain Pellissier, a French immigrant whose family owned the land upon which the building was constructed. The building exterior was clad with a special turquoise (blue/green) shade of Gladding-McBean terracotta which came to be known as Pellissier Green.

How old is the Wiltern?

The Wiltern / Age (c. 1931)

Does the Wiltern have a pit?

The Wiltern has general admission, which is the pit, standing room only section, a VIP section, for which there is a fee and it comes with a table and chairs right near the front of the stage with a great view and I think a server.

How does the Wiltern seating work?

Seating tickets are sold on first come first basis.

The Seating is split into 5 levels, with the inclusion of a mezzanine and Loge for greater viewing angles. Theater has between 1,200 to 4,000 seat capacity, depending on the setup. There are two bar locations at the back of the theater.

How big is the Wiltern?

The Wiltern is located at the busy Southeast corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Western Avenue. California. The theater has a capacity of between 1200 to 4000 seats depending on the show and seating allocation.

What time do doors open at Wiltern?

TONIGHT – COIN with Valley! Doors open 7PM. To ensure you have a great experience at our venue make sure to read through the guidelines before heading down, so you can plan accordingly.

How much is parking at the Wiltern?

The Wiltern Center parking garage at Oxford Avenue generally charges $25 a day, between 7 am and 10 pm. Event parking rates at the Wiltern Underground will vary from show to show; this is a premium parking service offered at the theatre’s private lot and opens one hour before shows.

How much do tickets at the Wiltern cost?

A ticket to this thrilling live event averages at $78.00, but range between $78.00 – $78.00.

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