Is mindflex real?

Is mindflex real? Mindflex is a toy by Mattel by which a child uses their brain waves to steer a ball through an obstacle course. Brain waves are registered by the enclosed EEG headset, which allows the child to control an air stream by concentrating, thus lifting or lowering a foam ball.

How does the mind control game work? 

How do you use Mind Flex? Just put on the Mindflex™ headset and your own brainwaves will move a ball up and down on a cushion of air. Concentrate and the ball will rise, relax and it will descend – it’s literally mind over matter! THE OBJECT IS SIMPLE.

How do EEG headsets work? EEG headsets use sensors to read your brainwaves. These sensors are placed against the head and tend to work better if you have short hair. Most are dry, unlike the gel-coated sensors used in medical settings. EEG headsets only passively read brainwaves; they don’t do anything to your brain, unlike an MRI.

Is mindflex real? – Additional Questions

How does Mindflex Duel game work?

Mindflex Dueluses a variation of EEG technology to “read” the intensity of these brainwaves via sensors positioned on your forehead and ear. These sensors don’t generate or interfere with brainwaves, they only read what is already there. The headset transmits a signal to a fan within the console.

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