Is Masaru Daimon a girl?

Is Masaru Daimon a girl? Masaru is an elementary school-aged boy, around 12-years-old.

Who does Masaru Daimon like? Masaru, like the other four Warriors, has a special respect and love for Junko.

Did Masaru Daimon survive? During the credits, as well as Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School, it is shown that Masaru survived his execution, along with the other Warriors of Hope.

How tall is Masaru Daimon? Appearance. Masaru is 131 cm (4’3″) tall.

Is Masaru Daimon a girl? – Additional Questions

How tall is Monaca Towa?

My Rating
Height 135 (4′ 4″)
Weight 28 kg (62 lbs)
Birthday April 1st
Blood Type B

What is Kokichi’s height?

Name Kokichi Ouma
Height 5’1″ / 156cm
Weight 97 lbs / 44 kg
Blood type A
Likes Carbonated Drinks

Is Miu Iruma a minor?

Miu Iruma is a major character in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony and a participant of the Killing School Semester. Miu is an inventor responsible for creating widely acclaimed products such as “Eye Drop Contact Lenses”, though she considers them a failure since she had to work to create them.

Is Nagito Kokichi’s dad?

Hajime & Nagito are Kokichi’s parents !!

What was Kokichi crushed by?

He is killed by Kaito Momota as of Chapter 5.

Is Kokichi a minor?

It is never explicitly stated in the game, he is most likely somewhere between 14-18 range (if you take prologue where it keeps being mentioned that they are high schoolers as canon.), or 20 years old (if you take it as they applied for it and are legal age so to speak, with Kodaka’s 2020 Kokichi birthday tweet having

Who is Shuichi’s crush?

Headcanon: Shuichi was developing a crush on Kaede, and later on Kaito, before they died.

What does Kokichi drink?

Canon. Kokichi has never drunk or mentioned grape panta in canon. However, he is holding a grape panta in his CG sprite used in the opening of New Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, which became a meme.

How tall is Shuichi?

Name Shuichi Saihara
Birth date September 7 (Scorpio)
Gender Male
Chest size 80cm / 32in
Height 5’7″ / 171cm

How tall is a maki?

5′ 7″

How tall is Gonta?

Name Gonta Gokuhara
Height 6’6″ / 198cm
Weight 94kg / 207lbs
Blood type A
Likes Athropods

Is Shuichi taller than Kaede?

According to the English localization’s character heights, Kaede (5’8″) is taller than Shuichi (5’7″), which is why some players assumed that a one scene with the two had incorrect art. However, in the Japanese version, Kaede is shorter than Shuichi.

Who is Kaede’s twin?

Kaede Akamatsu’s twin sister Natsumi Kuzuryu.

Who does Kaede have a crush on?

Kaede admits that she likes hearing Shuichi’s heartbeat and that it’s her favorite melody and if Shuichi encourages her, she can do anything. Finally, Kaede asks if Shuichi will “do what she wants to do with him right now” and he pulls her closer to him. It’s heavily implied that Kaede and Shuichi had sex afterwards.

How did Rantaro survive?

Shuichi inferred that Rantaro’s character in the previous Killing Game was selfless. He joined another Killing Game and became the Ultimate Survivor because he chose to sacrifice himself for the other students.

Was Tsumugi in the 52nd killing game?

It is also unknown when Tsumugi started to participate in what season of Danganronpa, as in the final trial of the Killing School Semester it is implied that she participated in more than two Killing Games, perhaps even in the 52nd Killing Game.

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