Is felguard good TBC?

Is felguard good TBC? in addition to the warlock pets this felguard has to be the best pet for any lock. the felguard allows the lock to solo with ease. the felguard is also a great addition to a pvping warlock. this is a very recomended pet for any lock.

Is Demonology Warlock good for leveling? Pet Choice for Demonology Warlock Leveling

This pet is not particularly useful for leveling, but you have no choice for the early levels. Summon Voidwalker can be a helpful choice while leveling up, as it takes a lot of the pressure off you.

What level is felguard TBC? 

Summon Felguard
Cooldown (GCD 1.5 sec)
Specialization Demonology
Level required 42

Is felguard good for leveling? Demonology Warlock Leveling Build and Rotation

Summon Felguard’s abilites are actually very good.

Is felguard good TBC? – Additional Questions

What LVL is Felguard?

Summon Felguard is a level 40 Demonology warlock ability.

Why is my Felguard so small?

I’m pretty sure it is because you are lower level. The demon you summon is smaller on lower level characters. I also believe it is slightly smaller/bigger based on your own character’s model too, my Gnome’s felguard does seem a bit shorter than my Human’s.

What level do warlocks get felhunter?

The felhunter is a pet available to the warlock at level 30.

How do you get felhunter?

Use the Tome of the Cabal to summon the Felhunter you must fight and defeat. Having your Voidwalker already on-deck before starting the quest is a Good Thing®. Do not Enslave the Felhunter. You must kill it.

How do you get a succubus warlock?

Once you have picked up the quest The Binding use the Dogran’s Pendant provided in the purple summoning circle just by Gan’rul Bloodeye. When you have defeated the Succubus hand in your quest to Gan’rul Bloodeye and he will reward you with a Small Soul Pouch and Teach Summon Succubus.

How do I get a Felhound?

find a maneater at 52:67 in Desolaceand use the ruby in the same way that you use your Drain Soul. You need to be using the ruby as the mana eater dies, and you will gain the imprisoned felhound spirit, just like you gain a soul shard. Head back to Ratchet and hand it in.

How do you get felhunter Warlock TBC?

Travel to Ratchet and turn in the rods and book. Finally Strahad Farsan & his acolytes will now use the rods to create a summoning circle in the house behind him once he is done use the Tome of the Cabal at the circle to summon the Felhunter. Now you have to fight and beat it!

Does Fel Intelligence stack with Arcane Intellect?

Felhunters now have a passive, raid-wide buff called Fel Intelligence, which increases party and raid members’ Intellect by 48 and Spirit by 64. Neither buff is as strong as the individual buffs of Arcane Brilliance and Divine Spirit, and do not stack with them.

Does Fel Intelligence stack?

Notes. As with Blood Pact, the effects of this spell does not stack with multiple Felhunters.

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