Is Deadpool based on the Dead Pool?

Is Deadpool based on the Dead Pool? Comic book creator Rob Liefeld admitted that the title of this movie was the inspiration for the name of his Marvel Comics anti-hero character Deadpool.

What is the movie The Dead Pool about? 

In the fifth installment of the Dirty Harry series, gritty cop Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) is fresh off the conviction of a major mob boss. When horror film director Peter Swan (Liam Neeson) develops a “dead pool” betting on celebrity deaths, he is shocked when a serial killer begins targeting those named, including TV reporter Samantha Walker (Patricia Clarkson) and Callahan himself. Action and violence abound as Callahan tracks the killer in an attempt to stop the murders.
The Dead Pool / Film synopsis

Was Clint Eastwood in Deadpool? 

At 91 minutes, it is the shortest of the five Dirty Harry films.

The Dead Pool
Based on Characters by Harry Julian Fink R.M. Fink
Produced by David Valdes
Starring Clint Eastwood Patricia Clarkson Liam Neeson Evan Kim
Cinematography Jack N. Green

What year was the Deadpool with Clint Eastwood? 

July 13, 1988 (USA)
The Dead Pool / Release date

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