Is Daimon good in AFK Arena?

Is Daimon good in AFK Arena? Daimon is a fantastic unit throughout the game. With his ability to steal enemy’s HP based on their max Health, he’s a force to be reckoned with in the campaign and King’s Tower because, no matter how high the enemies’ scale, Daimon will scale with them with his damage.

Is Daimon in AFK Arena a boy or a girl? He is the son of fellow Graveborn heroes, Niru and Shemira.

Who is the best DPS in AFK Arena? 

Best DPS Heroes in “AFK Arena”
Faction Hero Type
Celestials Athalia DPS
Graveborn Shemira DPS
Wilders Eironn AoE, CC, DPS
Lightbearer Gwyneth CC, DPS

What was Nirus profession AFK Arena? Niru is an intelligence-based tank hero of the Graveborn faction who specializes in keeping the enemies busy while healing himself and his allies around him.

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Who is Ezizh enemy?

Ezizh is the first and only support hero to be strength-based.


Enemies Azmonath The Balancer Fiend Hypogean Elite Kane Continuum Stalker Demonic Entity Gouldos Hypogean Mage
Other Annih • Mortas’ Benefactor • Korgas • Shadow Mastiff • Twin Terrors

1 more row

Which king was Grezhul loyal to?

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Question Answer
Which king was Grezhul – The Corrupted loyal to? Thoran – The Fallen King
What is the name of Drez – The Quicksand Recluse’s signature item? Ivory Piercer
Thane – The Exalted and Baden – The Abomination once had what kind of relationship? Comrades

What was Oscar’s previous profession AFK arena?

AFK Arena Poetic Pop Quiz Answers – Day 1
Question Answer
What was Oscar – The True Gentleman’s previous profession? Hitman
What acute sense does Lyca – Keeper of Glades have that no one has? Smell
After using the skill “Winds of Fury”, how many seconds is Thane – The Veiled Wind granted a shield for? 8

Who is Fawkes accomplice AFK arena?

Fawkes had a companion who matched his childish temerity, Raine. Once, when exploring the dark heart of the wood, the two young adventurers stumbled upon a yawning cavern.

Who did thali rescue?

Day 1
Question Answer
Who did Thali – Maniacal Mage rescue through a prison heist? Kren
What kind of enemies will Lucretia – The Betrayed’s skill ‘Deathwish” allow her to hunt down? Enemy with the highest attack rating.

How many snakes has Thesku tamed?

With his three surviving snakes in tow, Zilsu, Szetzu, and Ilshu, Thesku fled to the Land of the Exiles. The tragedy of the war provided him with all he needed to gain a firm position within the Land’s confines.

How many clones does Wu Kong the Monkey King summon when using the skill cloud clones?

His ultimate ability “Cloud Clones” allows him to escape the battlefield, leaving three cloud clones in his place.

What did Rowan receive as a gift AFK arena?

Item: The Gold Chime.

Who is anoki the blood guard loyal to?

After many years and myriad trials, Anoki regained the respect of his father’s old Blood Guard. Once again, they would pledge their allegiance to the Grand Chieftain.

Who stole Ankhiras venom?

Day 9 answers – Feb. 24
Poetic Pop Quiz question Correct answer
Which Mauler hero stole Ankhira’s venom? Vurk – The Devious
How many marksmen does Peggy – The Precious Pearl summon when she uses the skill ‘Royal Marksman’? 5
Which of these heroes CANNOT change the weather in the battle? Desira – The Sinister Siren

Who is the leader of Arachin?

Arachin are a sub-race of Ya based on spiders. Their society is matriarchal and ruled by a single queen who carries absolute authority. The current queen, and the only individual seen so far, is Ankhira, though many others are known to exist.

Who is VURK?

Vurk is an agility-based ranger hero of the Mauler faction who is adept at mobility and group attacks. He has the ability to escape enemy aggro. His attacks pierce through enemies to deal damage to multiple enemies in one attack. Vurk also has the ability to inflict poison to his enemies in a certain area of effect.

What item symbolizes the blood guard?

The Blood Guard’s symbol is the Rowan Tree that grows at the very heart on the Isle of the Blessed.

Which tower in the King’s Tower can only be challenged by celestial heroes?

Celestial Sanctum – Celestial Heroes.

What is Kren’s Model 53 Multi Function Hand Cannon called?

Kren’s right wrist has a concussive grenade launcher named. Lady. Kren’s Model 53 Multi-function Hand Cannon is called. Hot Stuff.

What is the oldest weapon still in service?

Browning M2 Machine Gun

Affectionately known as “Ma-Deuce,” the Browning M2 . 50 caliber machine gun has been in service around the world for almost 100 years.

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