Is Daimon a tank AFK arena?

Is Daimon a tank AFK arena? Daimon is a strength-based tank hero of the Graveborn faction. As a Graveborn powerhouse, Daimon excels in dealing scaling damage based on the max enemy’s HP. This, paired with his shielding for survivability on the battlefield, makes him a highly viable hero for teams.

Why is Oden good AFK arena? He specializes in summoning portals, able to summon lightning from them to deal AoE damage, as well as trap the strongest enemy on the battlefield inside to subsequently launch them into the weakest enemy. As he recovers energy points, each of his eyes will open, granting his abilities additional bonuses.

How good is Nemora? Nemora. Just like Shemira, Nemora can be picked up in the labyrinth for 45000 coins. She is the best healer in game, but offers great tanking and has a CC ability that allows her to take control of an enemy character for some while.

Is Thane good in AFK arena? Thane becomes the best Survivalist hero in the game due to him finally gaining Energy Gain and Health Regeneration. This allows him to cast more of his ultimate ability and the sustain makes sure he is (most often) never vulnerable outside his ultimate as he is constantly healed up with every crit damage he lands.

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How did Thane lose his arm AFK arena?

Thane lost his arm in a battle with Brutus, though in the English translation this is changed to “a high-ranking Mauler”.

What is the best hero in AFK arena?

Best supports in AFK Arena
Tier Heroes
A Elijah and Lailah, Leofric, Rowan, Leofric
B Silas, Ezizsh, Desira, Mortas, Talene
C Nemora, Numisu, Rosaline, Tasi
D Peggy, Arden, Raine

Is Lucius good AFK arena?

Lucius is undeniably the best tank in AFK Arena. Why? He does not only have great defensive stats but he also possessed highly defensive skills which almost benefits everyone in the team.

Is Brutus good AFK arena?

Brutus is one of the strongest heroes in the game. If there was an MVP of AFK Arena, it would be him. Everything about Brutus just synergies really well together. The combination of increased damage at low HP while also being completely immune to everything when receiving a fatal blow is extremely strong.

What can Respen create AFK arena?

When Respen is suffering the effects of control abilities, he manifests an additional Wind Swallow that encircles himself, creating a shield that exists for 6 seconds.

What was Oscar the true gentleman’s previous profession AFK arena?

AFK Arena Poetic Pop Quiz Answers – Day 1
Question Answer
What was Oscar – The True Gentleman’s previous profession? Hitman
What acute sense does Lyca – Keeper of Glades have that no one has? Smell
After using the skill “Winds of Fury”, how many seconds is Thane – The Veiled Wind granted a shield for? 8

Which king was Grezhul loyal to?

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Question Answer
Which king was Grezhul – The Corrupted loyal to? Thoran – The Fallen King
What is the name of Drez – The Quicksand Recluse’s signature item? Ivory Piercer
Thane – The Exalted and Baden – The Abomination once had what kind of relationship? Comrades

Who stole Ankhiras venom?

Day 9 answers – Feb. 24
Poetic Pop Quiz question Correct answer
Which Mauler hero stole Ankhira’s venom? Vurk – The Devious
How many marksmen does Peggy – The Precious Pearl summon when she uses the skill ‘Royal Marksman’? 5
Which of these heroes CANNOT change the weather in the battle? Desira – The Sinister Siren

Who gifted the the Lotus blade?

It was Ramses. He pushed his way past Rita and shut the door.

How many seconds is Thane granted a shield?

Thane receives a shield with a value equal to 260% of his Attack Rating which exists for 8 seconds.

When did cleansed realm appear AFK arena?

Day 1
Question Answer
Currently, how many times a day can players receive gifts from their friends at The Oak Inn? 3
What does Morael – Queen of Stars believe in? Order
After players worked together to destroy The Devourer, when did ‘The Cleansed Realm’ appear on the world map? May 2021

What was Raku The Rascals birthday present?

What was Raku – The Rascal’s birthday present to Peggy – The Precious Pearl? A multicolored conch.

How many total bosses must you face to complete subterra?

Goddess of Wisdom
Question Answer
How many total Bosses must you face to complete Subterra? 4
How many types of traps can be built in the Magic Defense Tower? 4 kinds
How many years has Halloween been around? Over 3,000 years
How much Dragon Priest exp can you get for one Expert Prayer? 10 pts

Who is Fawkes accomplice AFK arena?

Fawkes had a companion who matched his childish temerity, Raine. Once, when exploring the dark heart of the wood, the two young adventurers stumbled upon a yawning cavern.

What is Zora’s current occupation Dislyte?

The second question is: “What is Zora’s current occupation?” The correct answer for this question is – “Bounty Hunter.” But before you can answer this second question, you will need to meet the following prerequisites: Win 5 Point War battles, get 5 4-star+ Relics from the Ritual Miracle, Promote Esper Star Rating at

What is Zeus weapon Dislyte?

Question. Answer. What is Zeus’s mythological weapon? Thunderbolt.

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