How old is Damian Escobar?

How old is Damian Escobar? 

About 36 years (1986)
Damien Escobar / Age

Is Damien Escobar Spanish? Damien Escobar is an American violinist/songwriter who, alongside his older brother Tourie Escobar, carved a path into the music industry by blending classical violin with hip-hop, jazz, and more in the duo Nuttin’ But Stringz.

Where was Damien Escobar? Damien Escobar is a world renowned violinist, author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, hailing from Jamaica, Queens, New York.

What genre is Damien Escobar? 

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Why did Nuttin But Stringz break up?

But the brothers quarreled over musical direction, and Nuttin’ But Stringz dissolved in 2012. “I think both of us wanted to walk away at that point,” Escobar says. “You spend 10 years in a group with someone, you change over those 10 years. We started as kids, up until the point we were men.

Is Damien Escobar retiring?

Now, the touring musician reveals he’s going to retire in the next two years to focus on his family.

Was Damien Escobar on america’s got talent?

Two brothers from Queens, Tourie and Damien Escobar, were the original violinists on America’s Got Talent. They both attended Julliard School and auditioned for the third season of America’s Got Talent. They, like BKJ above, finished 3rd overall (why can’t violinists win AGT??).

What is Damien Escobar birthday?

1986 (age 36 years)
Damien Escobar / Date of birth

Who are Damien Escobar parents?

Gloria Ponder
Damien Escobar / Parents

What instrument does Damien Escobar play?

For violinist Damien Escobar, his favorite piece of equipment is a no-brainer: his violin. But like his unique crossover stylings — which meld strings with pop, R&B and hip-hop production — Escobar’s trademark violin isn’t your average wooden instrument.

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