How does telekinesis help energy shield?

How does telekinesis help energy shield? Each point in Telekinesis makes Energy Shield’s damage absorption more effective. By default, for each point of damage absorbed by Energy Shield, 2 mana points are deducted, a 200% ratio. Each hard skill point in Telekinesis makes Energy Shield 0.0625 Mana per point more effective.

Can you pick up items with telekinesis? Allows you to pick up items, trigger objects, and attack others at a distance.

How does Telekinesis work d2? Rather, Telekinesis is used to either temporarily knockback and/or stun incoming enemies, or to pick up faraway scrolls, potions, keys, gold, arrows and bolts. In addition, Telekinesis can be used to access shrines, portals, chests, wells, Waypoints, or the Seals in the Chaos Sanctuary.

How does energy shield work d2? 

How does telekinesis help energy shield? – Additional Questions

Do resistances matter with energy shield?

Well it depends. Your energy shield cannot go above 95% even fully maxed with all skills so unless you use magic damage reduced by items or items with absorb something will go through always. But yes resistances are calculated after the energy shield, they dont matter for dmg going to energy shield.

Does fire mastery effect enchant?

When Enchant is used on the Sorceress herself while she is wielding a Melee Weapon, any +Fire Skill Damage she has (such as from Fire Mastery) applies twice — once when casting Enchant, and once when actually attacking.

How does damage taken goes to Mana work?

Damage Taken Goes to Mana returns mana to a player character equivalent to a percentage of final attack damage applied: if no damage is applied then no mana is returned. It does not divert damage from life to mana, or reduce damage to life in any way.

Is Mana Burn fixed d2r?

Reports of the final patch changes that the game breaking Mana Burn bug is finally fixed.

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