How do you use Teleswap worms?

How do you use Teleswap worms? Select ‘teleswap’ and make sure your worm is in a big, open space (VERY important). Then press SPACE to activate the item, and TAB to pick which worm to switch with. Then press SPACE again to teleport. If you are in a large enough open area, this should work.

How do you move in Worms Armageddon? Move your Worm around by using the ARROW keys. The LEFT ARROW moves your Worm to the left, the RIGHT ARROW moves your Worm to the right. If the Worm is blocked then it will stop.

How do you switch worms in Worms WMD Xbox? Press Tab to switch to the next worm on your team. Once you press Space, you can switch worms as many times as you want. Once you’ve chosen the worm you want to control, simply move your worm or select another weapon to cancel the Worm Select.

What does stick up do on worms? You can use this to steal from your opponents for more weapons.

How do you use Teleswap worms? – Additional Questions

What are equalizer Worms?

β€œIt’s completely up to you how you use it, whether that’s to build a bridge to safety, or just drop it on your foes’ heads from above to have a laugh at the resulting damage.” The Equalizer is an odd little head-mounted contraption that combines the player’s health with that of a chosen enemy, and then divides it

What do magnets do Worms WMD?

They can have two states. Red Magnets pull (attract) weapons and Blue Magnets push (repel) weapons away. With the Electro Magnet equipped, it is possible to change the type of Electro Magnet your worm will drop by pressing the Set Button.

What does mischievous drone do in Worms?

This brand new, community designed crafting upgrade gives the Mischievous Drone a new, offensive/defensive twist. You can choose to deploy this weapon with either a repel or attract magnet mode, thus allowing you to move mines around the map and either carry or push them into enemy Worms.

What does dodgy phone battery do?

The Dodgy Phone Battery is a new weapon introduced in Worms W.M.D. It is a throwable weapon that causes bolts of electricity to arc between different Worms and objects. It’s upgraded version, the Loaded Phone Battery, has improved lightning range.

How much damage does prod do?

Prod is used to “poke” an enemy worm, causing them to move a little, but not causing any damage.

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