How do you use telekinesis in Psychonauts?

How do you use telekinesis in Psychonauts? Razputin learns telekinesis when his PSI Cadet rank reaches 20. This skill allows Raz to lift objects and throw them with his mind. When using this, Raz grasps the object with a mental hand, and then throws it in any direction.

How do you move the pieces in Psychonauts? There are 2 ways to beat the metal snails. You could hit them and then light them on fire in order to make it explode or throw them into the water with telekinesis. Go up the ladder of the house near the guillotine and float on the smoke. Then use invisibility to get past the blades and walk on the tightrope.

How do you beat the snake in Psychonauts? He can only be defeated by breaking his concentration with a Confusion Grenade, then attacking while he is vulnerable.

How do you protect el odio? When El Odio hits the wall, use Telekinesis on the banderillas and throw them at El Odio. Another tactic is to use Confusion Grenades on him so his mind will get clouded when he steps into the confusion cloud. During the second fight, simply use Telekinesis again to pull the banderillas out of El Odio.

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How do you protect Edgar from Psychonauts?

You have to make sure Edgar doesn’t die or else you lose. Dingo teleports around a lot so first off get the spears out of El Odio’s back. Now throw a confusion grenade at Dingo to confuse him and then throw the spears at him. Doing this four times will beat him.

How do you get Queen of Spades Psychonauts?

With the confusion grenade, you can now collect the Queen of Spades by fighting Cobra. While Cobra has no special attacks, he is invulnerable unless he is confused.

How many PSI cards are there in Psychonauts?

Loose PSI Cards always have a star symbol on the front, but the ones floating around PSI Challenge Markers have various designs. There are 117 cards floating around in Psychonauts.

How many levels are in Psychonauts 1?

And looking back at the 21 mental worlds that make up the two games, it’s hard to narrow down the very best. But there are moments that make some levels pop out more than others.

What do you do with black Velvetopia roses?

The Rose may then be used to jump into any Black Velvetopia’s windows with women behind them, allowing for Raz to avoid El Odio for a brief moment. The Rose is then exhausted and Raz must buy another painting.

Is meat circus the last level?

The infamous final level of the original Psychonauts game known only as the Meat Circus is the resulting mindscape between the twisted combination of Razputin’s childhood memories of growing up in the circus and Coach Oleander’s childhood memories of a butcher shop.

Why is Raz afraid of water?

Raz has a deathly fear of water due to a family curse that dooms him to die in water. His family life is incredibly disjointed, as Raz believes his Dad hates Psychics even though he is one himself.

How do you beat Rasputin’s dad?

Walk along the tightrope and then jump onto the climbing walls while avoiding fire. Jump and float to each wall to get past them. Get invisible so that Raz’s dad can’t hit him. Then bounce through the ring of fire and then float through the rest of them.

How do you beat the final boss in Psychonauts?

Strategy. For the first encounter, avoid his attacks by levitating away from him until his cleaver is stuck in the ground. Then, either run up his arm or Psi-Bounce onto his shoulder and punch him in the face. Repeat this process two more times to defeat him.

Does Psychonauts 2 have a secret ending?

Psychonauts 2’s Ending Explained

Raz is able to forgive Lucrecia for killing his real Nona, as Maligula was brought out because of Gzar Theodore’s harsh treatment of Lucrecia’s powers. Nona is returned to the Aquato family and pardoned by the Psychonauts, and Truman Zanatto’s brain is restored to his body.

Will there be a Psychonauts 3?

Double Fine’s next project will be “new, original stuff” and not Psychonauts 3. Double Fine’s next project will not be Psychonauts 3 and instead be something new, says studio boss Tim Schafer.

Who is Lobotos kid?

Young Loboto is a mental figure that appears in Loboto’s mind. He is the representation of Dr. Loboto as a child. His full name is Caligosto Loboto.

How old is Raz from Psychonauts?

Razputin, Raz for short, is a 10 year old boy who lives at a circus with a family who do not approve of his psychic powers, and when the pamphlet for Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp comes around, his parents refuse to let him go, so Raz runs away and crashes the camp.

Who hired Loboto?

Gristol hired Dr. Loboto to remove Truman Zanotto’s brain.

Who is the protagonist of Psychonauts?

The protagonist and playable character of the game is Razputin Aquato (or Raz for short) (voice actor Richard Horvitz), the son of a family of circus performers, who runs away from the circus to become a Psychonaut, despite his father Augustus’ wishes.

Why is Raz so powerful Psychonauts?

Raz is an accomplished trapeze artist, vigorously trained by his family in acrobatics. He can use these skills combined with his potent psychic powers for unique performances. Despite his young age, he is a very fast learner, showing he can master several psychic abilities in only a few days.

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