How do you use clandestine in a sentence?

How do you use clandestine in a sentence? 

How to use Clandestine in a sentence
  1. Betsy’s clandestine research about Julie, such as it was, was shared only with me.
  2. Little was said of our clandestine activities of the past year as we simply enjoyed each other’s company.
  3. The problem isn’t your staying her; it’s this whole clandestine meeting.

What is the meaning of Clairsentience? : perception of what is not normally perceptible.

How do you use the word collaborate in a sentence? If we collaborate on the task, we will be less likely to make a mistake. The professor would like for us to collaborate on our project. The two companies want to collaborate to generate more sales. The musicians are planning to collaborate with the possibility of starting a band.

How do you use contiguous in a sentence? Things that are contiguous are next to each other or touch each other. Its vineyards are virtually contiguous with those of Ausone. two years of travel throughout the 48 contiguous states.

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What is Conterminus?

Definition of conterminous

1 : having a common boundary conterminous countries. 2 : coterminous. 3 : enclosed within one common boundary the 48 conterminous states.

What does contiguously mean?

1 : being in actual contact : touching along a boundary or at a point 2 : adjacent 2 – used of angles 3 : next or near in time or sequence 4 : touching or connected throughout in an unbroken sequence.

What is an example of contiguous?

The definition of contiguous is two things that are connected or touching along one side. An example of contiguous is how Chile shares a border with Argentina. Connecting without a break.

What is another word that means contiguous?

Some common synonyms of contiguous are adjacent, adjoining, and juxtaposed. While all these words mean “being in close proximity,” contiguous implies having contact on all or most of one side.

What’s the difference between contiguous and continuous?

The word contiguous is derived from the Latin word contiguus, which means touching, bordering upon. Contiguous is an adjective, related words are contiguously, contiguousness, contiguity. Continuous describes something that is unbroken, whole, something that is not interrupted, a pattern that is not interrupted.

How do you say the word contiguous?

What is a contiguous relationship?

1 touching along the side or boundary; in contact. 2 physically adjacent; neighbouring.

How do you speak infectious?

How do you say the word contrite?

Does contrite mean sorry?

We are sorry to inform you that the adjective contrite means regretful, remorseful, or even guilty. Someone who feels remorse or guilt is contrite and in addition to feeling sorry, part of the definition includes wanting to atone for having done something wrong.

What does a broken spirit and a contrite heart mean?

Those who have a broken heart and a contrite spirit are willing to do anything and everything that God asks of them, without resistance or resentment. We cease doing things our way and learn to do them God’s way instead. In such a condition of submissiveness, the Atonement can take effect and true repentance can occur.

What is the opposite of the word contrite?

Opposite of feeling or expressing remorse at the recognition that one has done wrong. unrepentant. impenitent. remorseless. unapologetic.

What is the synonym for cheat?

Some common synonyms of cheat are cozen, defraud, and swindle. While all these words mean “to get something by dishonesty or deception,” cheat suggests using trickery that escapes observation.

What is the synonym of erudite?

Some common synonyms of erudition are knowledge, learning, and scholarship. While all these words mean “what is or can be known by an individual or by humankind,” erudition strongly implies the acquiring of profound, recondite, or bookish learning.

What is the mean of vehemently?

adverb. in a strongly emotional or zealous manner; ardently: Critics vehemently oppose the continued surveillance of citizens’ electronic devices without court oversight.

What is the meaning of Misogamist?

: a hatred of marriage.

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