How do you complete the deep cavern ritual?

How do you complete the deep cavern ritual? Destroy crystals and defeat the Hiss to reach the top of both towers. Once both Control Points atop the two towers have been cleansed a new area shall appear containing the etching that you need to interact with to complete the ritual.

How do I Control the bottom of my nail? Reaching the bottom of the Nail in Control explained

To do so simply float down to the bottom of the Nail. Follow the tunnel down into the Lower Crossroads and avoid the crystals that will appear, and disappear, as you go.

How do you get into foundation Control? How to start The Foundation DLC in Control. To start The Foundation DLC in Control, you must first complete the main storyline for Control. Once you’ve done so the first mission in The Foundation DLC, called The Foundation, will automatically start.

How do I get to the collapsed department? The location of the Hiss Nodes. With these nodes destroyed, you can now float across to the other side, create a platform where the barrier was once located and reach the other Firebreak platform. From there, you can enter the Collapsed Department and cleanse the first Control Point.

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What is the nail in control?

The Nail is a paranatural object located in the Crossroads area of the Foundation in the Oldest House. It is a towering column of the same kind of black and gold stone found in the Astral Plane that extends deep into the Lower Crossroads.

What is the former in control?

Former is an extradimensional being originating from the Astral Plane, implied to be a former member of the Board. Former possesses the power to control the nature of Altered Items and, by extension, is able to bestow paranatural abilities similar to those granted by binding Objects of Power.

What happens if you fight former in Control?

If you do defeat the Former, it will disappear into the Astral Plane and you’ll receive a number of powerful mods. No matter what decision you make, you’ll be returned to The Foundation, where you’ll either be tasked with exploring the Warehouse and Collapsed Department or Canyon’s Rim and Deep Cavern.

Can you beat the former Control?

Control – How to Defeat The Former

On top of its large head though is a huge glowing eye that gives the player a perfect target to direct their attacks at. The basic idea of this fight is to pick items up off the ground using telekinesis and then throwing the items directly into The Former’s massive eye.

What is the best way to esseJ?

Use Evade or simply run from the projectiles she sends towards you, stopping occasionally to shoot her with the Service Weapon. You’ll also be able to hit her a couple of times when she readies a projectile – just make sure you make a quick escape. When esseJ glows red, it means she’s readying a ground slam.

Who is ash in Control?

was the Head of Research at the Federal Bureau of Control. He initially held the title under the tenure of his father, Director Theodore Ash, Sr., and was succeeded by Casper Darling in 1995.

Who is Polaris in Control?

Polaris is an extradimensional resonance-based entity originating from Slidescape-36. Discovered by Jesse Faden during the Ordinary AWE, Polaris aided Jesse and her brother Dylan in turning off the Slide Projector, saving their lives in the process.

Will there be Control 2?

Control 2 won’t launch for several years

“In the early conception phase” as of mid-2021, “Control 2” has four games ahead of it in the production pipeline. The two Epic Games collaborations appear to have top billing at the moment.

Where is the Flamingo Control?

The Flamingo is found in the Sealed Threshold Corridor, in the Containment Sector. This mysterious area is only available if you take the side-quest from the wounded FBC Ranger in Logistics and access the area through the Oceanview Hotel.

What does the Rubber Duck do in Control?

The item makes a sound analogous to quacking. The item travels considerable distances with surprising speed. How it achieves this motion is unknown. The item forms an unknown form of unknown purpose with anyone who makes direct physical contact with it and begins to follow them, quacking often.

How do you Control the paper lantern?

There is no way to get to the Japanese Lantern. The only door that could lead to it is a locked door in Logistics. But then, when you go to the other side of Logistics and you see the Mission giver for “A Matter of Time” and the cord that potentially takes you to the motel, the penny drops.

Where is the paper lantern Control?

You’ll find the Japanese Paper Lantern inside the Sealed Threshold Hall: the room overflowing with clocks. The lantern itself isn’t technically visible, at first, but its surrounding shield is.

How do you catch the Rubber Duck control?

To get the Rubber Duck in Control, you’ll need to head down the corridor to the other end of Protective Studies. From there (just outside the HRA Lab), find the door hidden behind all the boxes and enter. Look up at the wall to see a hole directly opposite the door.

How do I clean my flamingo control?

Use Levitate to zoom through the moving walls and cleanse the Flamingo. Surprise boss fight time! You’re up against Former once more, but don’t worry, it’s not that much tougher than the last time you fought it. It can, however, destroy the floor beneath you so be careful to not fall off.

Where is Langston control?

Speak with Langston

Fast Travel to Containment > Panopticon. Walk forward towards where it says “Floor 1” Security. It’s just a big slab cement door but it will open up when you walk by it. head inside and you’ll see Langston.

Where is Dylan on the upper level?

Speak with Dylan on the upper level in Control

Head up the stairs to the right of the Board Room door and follow the walkway till you come to the guards. Enter the room they are guarding. Talk to Dylan in his glass box and he will give you the key for Clearance Level 6.

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