How do you collect books on divination island?

How do you collect books on divination island? Dear players, To collect the item in the game, you need to hold your finger on it for several seconds. After that, you will see the required option.

How do you unlock islands on Family Island? Islands unlock when you reach certain levels in the game, and close irreversibly after you fulfill all of the island tasks. Several days are given to you before the island closes after you complete the final task.

How do you get good luck on the game Family Island? You can receive clover by cutting grass and ferns and for completing the merchant’s orders. You can also place a haystack and get one clover every 24 hours. Be careful with this resource as you will need it to prepare food for your animals. Was this article helpful?

How do you unlock forest island? The Forest Island is an in-game location that was found upon the release of the game. To unlock the island, players have to reach lvl 20 (is the third unlockable island). The island exclusive horse is the Buckskin Paint. All quests on the island are given by Jones.

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How many levels are in Family Island?

There are 40 episodes-levels in the game. By completing characters’ quests, a player levels up the game so that new buildings, decorations, and other features get unlocked. Each new building provides the family with new facilities.

How do you progress on Family Island?

Family Island Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Survive on a Deserted Island
  1. Keep Everybody Busy At All Times.
  2. Complete The Tasks And Objectives.
  3. Use The Tips To Locate Hidden Items.
  4. Get As Many Energy Points As Possible.
  5. Sharpen Up Your Cooking Skills.
  6. Upgrade The Facilities At Every Opportunity.

What is a time ticket in Forest Island?

Time Tickets In Forest Island Relaxing Game⇓

Time Tickets are of two types; energy tickets and heart tickets. These tickets can give you a certain amount of time income instantly. For instance; a 12-hour energy ticket can give you 12 hours of energy instantly.

Where is the forest island located?

Forest Island is in British Columbia. Forest Island is situated nearby to Forrest Island, and south of Greig Island.

How do you hatch an egg in Forest Island?

Yellow Eggs take 10 minutes, Blue Eggs take 25 minutes, and Purple Eggs take one hour. You can speed up the hatching by rubbing the Egg for a few seconds, lasting for a minute before they can be rubbed again and cutting up to 10 minutes of wait time.

Is there a pink bag on forest island?

How do you get unlimited energy on Family Island?

gather berries to restore our energy. Berries only grow once, so cut down the bush to get sticks. The bigger the house, the more energy the family has! You can cook food too for even more energy!

How do you get energy fast on Family Island?

You can also get extra energy from the following sources: ▪️ By feeding the family; ▪️ By completing the merchant’s and the shaman’s orders; ▪️ Chests and rare items (marked with a gift box icon);

What is gold ore used for in Family Island?

Golden ore is used to build the furnace and it can also be used to produce gold.

What is amber used for in Family Island?

You need to smash large bunches of clay to get amber. You can also get it for completing a chain of orders from the merchant. This resource can be used to complete the shaman’s orders and to repair or upgrade buildings and objects.

Where is the broken machine in Family Island?

The broken machine can be found on the upper level of Home Island, where the volcano is situated. Don’t worry if this area is still unavailable in the game for you. You just need to keep completing the active quests and you will get there eventually.

What is the shaman in Family Island?

How do you upgrade the happiness totem in Family Island?

The solution for this issue is very simple. You just need to scroll all the dialogues on the left side of the screen and look for an unread one. Once you have read it, the issue will be solved. We recommend not to leave any of the dialogues unread.

How do you get salt from shaman on Family Island?

You can get salt in Family Island for completing orders from the merchant and shaman. There may be some salt in the gifts that are given out for completing a chain of orders. You can use salt to cook food. Note: you have a VERY small chance of getting salt for collecting starfishes.

How do you trade with shaman?

The shaman works the same way as the merchant:

However, the shaman has his own feature that might come in handy – you can exchange particular orders for rubies. Just tap on the “5 rubies” icon in the upper right corner of the order card. You can change the card as many times as you wish.

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