How do you change the time on Venus 1500?

How do you change the time on Venus 1500? 

Launch Venus 1500 v3.

Open Display Manager. Click on the Diagnostics Control (2 gears).

  1. Launch Venus 1500 v4.
  2. Click Display Tools.
  3. The little white arrow to the right of display drop down list.
  4. Click Set Time/Date.
  5. Confirm the time updates in the Home Tab under display status.

How do I set the time on Daktronics scoreboard? 

Press the MENU key. Arrow down to EDIT SETTING, Press Enter/Yes. Arrow down to PLAY CLOCK-TIME.


  1. Press the SET PLAY CLOCK button (Once for current time, twice for Reset 1 length, three times for Reset 2 length).
  2. Enter the desired time.
  3. Press ENTER.

How do you use Daktronics scoreboard? 

  1. Turn on power to the scoreboard.
  2. Turn on power to the All Sport console.
  3. Write down or take a picture of the current Sport code before making any changes.
  4. Press the “NO/CLEAR” key when prompted to “Resume Game”.
  5. Enter the addressable test code and press “ENTER”.

How do you use Venus 1500? 

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