How do you beat Mega Tonberry?

How do you beat Mega Tonberry? Mega Tonberries in the original versions are easiest dealt with the Cat Nip strategy. High health and Defense are needed, so it is recommended to use two Dark Knights with the Valiant Lustre Garment Grid. One should give the two girls all the Defense and HP possible with any accessories available.

What is a Tonberry based on? 
Many fans believe that the design of the tonberry is based on the folklore of the Sea Monk, or Umibozu as it is known in Japan. This fabled creature is said to be a mix of man and fish, have a bald head, and wear a robe reminiscent of monks.Shaw. 9, 1441 AH

What species is Tonberry? Tonberries are a species of diminutive, sapient cave-dwelling salamanders.

How much health does a master Tonberry have? Its 44,444 HP alludes to the pronunciation of the number four in Japanese and Chinese, which spells and sounds the same as “death” (漢字 Chinese: 死 sǐ death;四 sì four;Japanese pronunciation: し shi). Master Tonberry has the highest HP of any normal enemy in the game.

How do you beat Mega Tonberry? – Additional Questions

What is Tonberry weak against?

They’re weak to holy damage.

What does Mega All materia do?

Stats. Mega All is an Independent Materia in Final Fantasy VII. When equipped, it causes all physical attacks, Magic, and most commands to affect all enemies or allies at once, up to five times per battle. The affected commands from Command Materia are Steal, Mug, Sense, Morph, D.

What is the best armor in ff7?

The 14 Best Armor Pieces In Final Fantasy 7 Remake On PS4 And PS5, Ranked
  1. 1 Chain Bangle. The Chain Bangle can be obtained at level 5 in the Shinra Tower after winning the battle against the Sledgeworm.
  2. 2 Volant Armor.
  3. 3 Ninja Armlet.
  4. 4 Astral Cuff.
  5. 5 Iron Maiden.
  6. 6 Firebird Armlet.
  7. 7 Chthonian Armlet.
  8. 8 Supreme Bracer.
Dhuʻl-Q. 19, 1442 AH

Can you pair Quadra Magic Knights round?

Quadra Magic doesn’t work with Knights of the Round, and if the party casts Escape with Quadra Magic, it will only be cast once. It is possible to link multiple Quadra Magic Materia to the same Materia, which will cause the spell to hit an extra time per equipped Materia.

Does MP Turbo work with enemy skill?

MP Turbo can be a great way to improve spellcasters’ damage. Linking MP Turbo more often than not means that the spell used will hit a single target, as MP Turbo takes up a Materia slot that All could have used. This will change when the player uses Mega All, applying its effect to all enemies.

What does deathblow Materia do?

Deathblow is a Command Materia in Final Fantasy VII equipped to provide the ability D. blow. This ability launches a physical attack at a third of its normal accuracy, but a guaranteed critical hit if it lands, meaning it deals double damage.

What level should I be to fight emerald weapon?

They will need to be level 80 at a minimum. Check out the Leveling Your Characters section for more information on how to level your characters up quickly. Each of your characters will need to have 9,999 HP with a minimal amount of HP Plus Materia added.

What does double cut materia do?

Abilities. Double Cut is a Command Materia in Final Fantasy VII equipped to provide abilities that deal multiple consecutive attacks. It provides 2x-Cut and later 4x-Cut. 2x-Cut provides two attacks against a single enemy, while 4x-Cut provides four long-range attacks, each against random enemies.

How many hits is Knights of the Round?

Knights of Round is a series of 13 individual attacks hitting all enemies with damage that ignores target’s defensive stats each time at the cost of 250 MP. At its maximum, Knights of Round can do up to 129,987 damage to a single target.

Can you mime w-summon?

Try using W-Summon to cast two Knights of the Round and have each of the members of your party equipped with Mime. If they can mime the summons, you can cast an endless chain of Knights of the Round until the creature dies. Also, equip as many characters as possible lucky shot.

How much HP does Ruby weapon have?

Ruby Weapon has 800,000 HP. The battle offers a ton of AP after you actually defeat Ruby Weapon so, if you can, use your weapons that have double or triple Materia growth to grow any of your last Materia with AP if you need to. Your reward for defeating Ruby Weapon is the Desert Rose.

What are the best Materia combinations?

The Most Powerful Materia Combinations In Final Fantasy 7, Ranked
  1. 1 Omnislash For A Million Damage Points.
  2. 2 Knights Of The Round X7.
  3. 3 Level 2 Double Cut X28.
  4. 4 Level 2 Comet/Quadra Magic.
  5. 5 Ultima/Quadra/Final Attack.
  6. 6 Final Attack And Phoenix Revive X4.
  7. 7 Knights of The Round X2 Summon Attack.
Jum. II 4, 1443 AH

What Materia is best for Cloud?

Recommended Materia:
  • Fire, Ice, Lightning – With the Mythril Saber, Cloud is capable of dealing huge spell damage.
  • Healing – Ideally, Cloud is best suited to being an offensive magic user, but his high stats — thanks to the Mythril Saber — also allow him to support the party when needed.
Raj. 18, 1442 AH

Where is W Magic in FF7?

W-Magic is a rare Materia only found in the Northern Cave. The only way to have multiple W-Magic Materia is to master it. This requires a huge 250000 AP, meaning that equipping the Materia on weapons or armor with Double and Triple AP is ideal.

What is the best summon in FF7 Remake?

The strongest Final Fantasy 7 Remake summon is Bahamut, and his fight is rough. Not only does he hit hard, but his Megaflare attack deals 9999 damage to every party member. Bahamut is only available to fight until after you complete all of Chadley’s Battle Reports.Saf. 13, 1442 AH

What is the most powerful summon in ff7?

The final form of Bahamut that you can acquire is the coolest and most powerful out of the three. With an almost guaranteed chance to do 9,999 damage, summoning him is typically the first time players peak the damage limit.Dhuʻl-Q. 12, 1442 AH

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